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Four Ways to Market and Promote Your Fundraising Event

Whether you’re part of a football, cricket, tennis, netball or karate club, we’re willing to bet you’ve helped out at or been part of a fundraiser for your sporting club. You may have cooked a barbie, sold chocolates, run a quiz night or held a bake sale to entice your friends, family and the community to support the club. With so many events fundraising for sports clubs in your community, getting your event out there and noticed can be difficult at the best of times. On top of that, we understand that some clubs might not have someone who is marketing-savvy to promote their fundraising efforts. If you are putting in the hard yards to organise a fundraising event, we want to make sure your club receives those well-earned fundraising dollars. Our team at Poker Deluxe have put together our top four tips to help you promote your fundraiser and increase your funds raised! 1. Slide into Your Supporters Email Inboxes A great, cost-free way to let people know about your event is through email. Most sporting clubs would have a contact list of ex-players, life members, current players (and if under 18, their guardians), local businesses, and potentially even club sponsors who have an interest in the club. These contacts are a great place to start your fundraising event promotion. You should aim to send three short and sweet emails about your event to these contacts – but make sure not to spam them! Email 1: Save the Date! Tell your supporters that you’ve locked in a date for the event and give them the basics, such as venue and time, as well as a basic summary of what type of fundraiser you’re holding. Food for Thought: When you receive an email from a brand or company you like, what makes you open it? Do you open it because you support everything the brand does, or is it a catchy headline or the promise to win something that gets you curious? Try using an attention-grabbing headline that makes the reader want to open the email immediately. Email 2: Event Details! Once you have confirmed more information about your fundraising event, you should communicate it to your supporters. Highlight any drawcards of your fundraising event – if you’re fundraising with a Poker Deluxe poker night, tell them about the prizes to be won, drink specials at the bar and any other important information, such as ticket costs and payment methods. Make sure not to leave this email too late, as your supporters may need to plan things such as baby sitters or time off work to come to your event.  Email 3: Last Chance! Use this email to hype up your event, with an added sense of urgency to encourage people to RSVP or buy tickets to your event. 2. Use Social Media While liking – and laughing at – memes or checking out what your distant relative is up to on their trip to Europe can be thrilling, social media can be used for far more than you might think. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are home to visual, engaging content, so writing nice things to ask people to support your event won’t quite cut it – you need to catch the eye of the average person scrolling through. A great way to do this is to use photos from previous events to accompany some text about the event. You could even ask around the club to see if anyone can put together a few marketing images using free design tools such as Canva. Like your emails, make sure to include all the important details of your event and highlight anything different about your fundraiser that might entice someone to attend. It is important to articulate why you are raising money, who will benefit from the fundraising and why your sports club is so special, as this will encourage people to support your club. 3. Encourage Your Teammates (and Community) to Get Involved Promoting your event takes more than a one-wo/man army – it takes a team! In addition, your teammates are likely to have a number of contacts in the community who can support your event They might have a friend from school who works at a sporting/leisure store or supermarket, who could sponsor prizes or provide discounted rolls and sausages for a barbeque. Or maybe they can encourage their workmates at their company to buy tickets to the event. Your fundraising event is also a good opportunity to build relationships with local businesses, as these businesses may attend the event, provide prizes, support you with a donation or simply promote the event for you on their noticeboard or via their e-newsletter. 4. Promote Your Event to the Masses Promoting your event to the wider public can be as simple as sending the event details and date to your local paper, magazine, blog or local council to include in their publications or calendars. For those who like a challenge, writing a media release about the event, with a newsworthy angle, is a great way to get the attention of journalists for paper, radio or TV broadcast. If you have writers block, we found this great article on how to write a press release for your fundraising event. How Can Poker Deluxe Help Plan Your Fundraising Event? At Poker Deluxe, we are passionate about fundraising for sports clubs through engaging, fun and slightly competitive events such as poker nights! Our team hosts fundraising events across Australia, helping sports clubs to reach their fundraising goals without the stress of organising the event themselves. We make fundraising for sports clubs easy with unique fundraising ideas that get your community, family, friends, workmates and teammates involved. And when you book an event with Poker Deluxe you receive a marketing pack which includes: posters to stick around the club, an electronic invitation to send to your database and put on your facebook page and a trybooking page set up so your attendees can purchase tickets online.  Contact Poker Deluxe today to chat to one of our friendly team about the different fundraising packages available for your event.

Organising Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams
How To Organise a Fundraiser: The Do’s and Don’ts in Fundraising

A  fundraising event is one of the best gatherings to organise. It’s about uniting people to reach a significant goal – to help. As fulfilling as it is to organize such an event, it’s inevitable to come across bumps along the road in order to get things done until the actual day. Photo: rawpixel.com via Pexels Fundraising Experts If you’re in need of help with this, you’ve come to the right place. Poker deluxe is here to support and aid you to achieve the fundraising event you’ve always wanted! There are different fundraising ideas, connections, themes, and fundraising packages that cater to your preferences. Just envision what you want the event to be like, and leave it to the experts to make it happen! The possibilities are endless when you have Australia’s biggest poker fundraising events provider.  Wherever you are located — Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth — we can make things happen. With Poker Deluxe, your charity, fundraising Australia community and sports association are in good hands! Photo: Caio Resende via Pexels We always aim for everyone to have a good time and for the fundraising event to be a success. Check out our take on the do’s and don’ts of fundraising! DO Do think positive. Having a great mindset during the whole fundraising organization is what sets the vibe and attracts the success of the event. Keep in mind that every meeting is an opportunity to shine a light on your company/cause and advance with a potential investor.  Most often than not, investors have a big name. This means that they are influential and successful people. If you do well in your presentations and meetings, they could be a big help not just financially but also by talking about you to others. Do get involved and be active in the whole process. Speak, write, and organize the events to be involved as much as possible and attract investors by presenting your knowledge in your field. Showing that you are an active participant of this fundraising event shows people how passionate you are and will be willing to attend and/or donate to the cause. Do your research. Before contacting investors and donors, look them up first and get to know them. Make sure you know the important information such as their valuation range, the preferred level of involvement, industry focus, etc. Make fundraising databases to record and organize the information of the people you plan to involve in the event. Do focus on local investors first. They are a little bit easier to approach and they could help you grow & spread the word eventually. Start small and go from there. Do talk about the goals of your fundraiser. Before people would get involved, they have to know what this is all about, why this should be worth their time, and where their money will go. Photos: rawpixel.com via Pexels Do send out a carefully thought out emails. From the subject to the addressee’s name and other information, to the body and the ending — it should all look and sound credible to get the trust of your recipients. Make a catchy but appropriate headline to get their attention. Put the correct name and information of company, donor or investor to make it feel more special and personal. See to it that the message contains your introduction, details on the fundraiser, what you need (their time for a meeting or phone call), and when the event is. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your name, position, company name, address and contact information. Do figure out the best funding structure possible. List down some choices — loans, crowdfunding, etc. —  and evaluate to know which works for you. You could also sign up for charitable giving tools such as Fundraising on Facebook to collect donations conveniently. Whatever you choose, study their features and use it to your advantage. Do implement transparency and highlight this in all your presentations. No one likes a scam, especially something involving money. Like if you have a fundraising website, you could make an accessible page solely dedicated for the people to see how the money is used and if there’s any progress. It’s also good to give them regular updates in the form of fundraising goal tracker to your donors and investors. Do remember that as the organizer, you have the last say in almost everything. That includes all aspects like the venue, theme, budget, and maybe even investors. If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t fall in the line of your vision-mission, you do not have to proceed. Move on so as not to waste anyone’s time. DON’TS   Photo: Pixabay via Pexels   Don’t be too aggressive. Coming off too strong might imply that you are desperate in a bad way. Don’t risk looking bad and leave a bad impression. There are many ways to promote and shine a light on your fundraiser passionately, not aggressively. Don’t expect anything after every meeting. It takes a while before anyone could fully trust you, especially when money is involved. What you should focus on instead is to giving off a good impression and building a relationship with potential investors and everyone else you meet for the fundraiser. Don’t delay email replies. Most of the time, clients or investors have further questions and it’s your job to think ahead and prepare the answers to their possible questions. That will give them the impression that you are trustworthy and organized. On top of that, it will speed up the process and have the people say yes to you in no time. Don’t overlook the competition. Remember that you’re competing with other entrepreneurs in getting the attention and funding of investors. Don’t mind the others, just focus on how you can stand out from the others and find a way to make investors choose you. Don’t feel bad if you get a “no”. If an investor declines, for now, there’s always a next time! You should still give yourself a pat on the back for trying and for putting yourself out there. If anything, at least you reached out to them and may now have a record of you. The next time you contact them, you might already get a big YES on your the funding! Don’t ever forget to thank your supporters, donors, and investors. Without them, the fundraiser will be a flunk. Every helping hand and every dollar already goes a long way and for that, it’s important to show gratitude. Photo: Rawpixel.com via Pexels Every helping hand is impactful; every dollar is great; anything that creates good change is worth celebrating. In the world today, a kind and generous heart go a long way. Not only does it bring joy to the recipient of your time and monetary donation, but it also brings the giver a chance to feel humble, helpful, and humanitarian. Happy fundraising!

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5 Major Crowdfunding Sites in Australia

When it comes to raising money, the word fundraising immediately comes to mind. There are many ways and strategies to do that such as organizing a poker night, talent show, or a concert for a cause. There’s a whole list of fundraising ideas that you could try out, but one of the most effective fundraising strategies is crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? It is a way or a process of funding a project by collecting money from generous individuals, usually online. If you have noticed, the difference of fundraising (traditionally) and crowdfunding is that the former is normally done offline while the latter is, as mentioned, usually online. Today, thanks to the existence of the internet, crowdfunding is defined as a relatively new contemporary approach to fundraising and that it has become one of the most viable and convenient options for people/organizations to seek financial support. How does it work? In fundraising, the sources of funds can come from any source –bank or corporate organization. Crowdfunding is much more special because it actually comes from individuals who genuinely believe in your cause or your project, and would be very happy to help. Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites in Australia If you’re one of the people who have a meaningful project that you need funds for, you might want to get a head start by knowing where you could go to get what you need. Today’s your lucky day because we got you covered! Check out these five major crowdfunding sites in Australia! 1.MYCAUSE If you mention the word fundraising or crowdfunding, mycause surely comes into the picture. They are Australia’s leading online crowdfunding platform for various causes — may it be charities, projects or people who need financial assistance. What’s good about mycause is that it’s very convenient for those who are raising money and for the donors. They have 24/7 email and phone support, free campaign creation, fixed and flexible fundraising options, it’s mobile friendly and responsive to all devices, and has more than 1,500 charity partners! 2. EVERYDAYHERO Another known platform for the Australian crowdfunding markets is Everydayhero. Their focus is on supporting charities, schools and charitable events as well. Founded in 2007, they have been helping people all over the world support the causes they love. What’s good about Everydayhero is that, on top of supporting causes worldwide, they also do not restrict their donors to financial donations. They also find a way for them to contribute by giving their time, effort, and/or action.  Everydayhero also offers a wide range of events that the locals are encouraged to support. Due to the fact that donation comes in more forms other than money, every donor truly is an everyday hero. 3.GOFUNDME Third in line in Australia’s top performing crowdfunding sites is GoFundMe. Just in the last quarter of 2018, they’ve announced a new feature for their Australian users: the launch of the GoFundMe Guarantee and their move to offer free fundraising in Australia. GoFundMe aims to make raising money faster, easier, and more successful for organizers — and one way to do this is by introducing a 0% platform fee for their organizers. They are the first and only crowdfunding guarantee in the industry, as well as one of the safest and most secure giving platform. 4.CHUFFED Chuffed is a global crowdfunding platform that offers zero fees for all campaigns — no setup fees, no hidden fees, no ongoing subscription fees for running a campaign. They cater only to non-profit and social enterprise projects. This means that Chuffed know what works best for social causes. On top of that, you keep 100% of what you raise! When you go to their website, you will see a quick overview of how many campaigns are running, how many donors there are, how much is raised. You will also see trending causes, newest causes, and a step-by-step guide on how to use crowdfunding to get you started! 5.GOFUNDRAISE Gofundraise is another crowdfunding platform you should take note of. They are very welcoming to donors who would like to financially support individuals with their projects, charity or charitable events. “Go make a difference,” is what you will see when you head on to their page. You can easily start fundraising, find a friend/team, charity, or event. You  may also suggest and pitch in your ideas. For those who need assistance in getting more out of their event while making a difference in the community, they can enquire and speak to their event organizers! The reason why crowdfunding gains so much attention as one of the many fundraising ideas is because it is convenient and easy to work with. It is also less time-consuming and inexpensive because all you have to do is to start a campaign online and offer a way for people to send you money, then you sit and wait until it grows to reach your target amount. These are just of the notable and top performing crowdfunding platforms in Australia. There are many others if you try to look for more. However, if crowdfunding is not for you, you could also try tapping fundraising organizers like Poker Deluxe. With a unique fundraising idea, you could raise money in a fun & exciting way — poker! What is Poker Deluxe? We are Australia’s biggest poker fundraising event provider with over $1.5million raised for sporting clubs and charities around the country. With our assistance, you can save yourself the hassle of coming up with different fundraising ideas and watch them do what they do best. We offer the best fundraising packages and can provide you with everything you need for your charity, community or sporting club. By organizing a fun social night where people could play and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, you could raise more than what you expected in no time. Wherever you are located — may it be Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth — Poker Deluxe is there for you!

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Online Platforms Banning Users from Fundraising

Online Platforms Banning Users from Fundraising The internet has proved itself as a formidable platform for fundraising in the past, but the ability for many is in decline. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are placing a variety of restrictions on what type of fundraisers can be done on those platforms and which cannot. Here we will take a look at online platforms that are banning certain subjects and people from raising funds for their cause. Patreon Begins To Ban Some Users From Fundraising Patreon has been a refuge for those who have seen their revenue decline from sites such as YouTube, and it has been used by many as a useful tool to earn from content creation. For some users, it has been able to provide them with a full-time income when having as few as 100 fans that give a monthly contribution towards the creation of content. This was an environment that was largely decentralised and one that would allow the creators to be able to act independently of gatekeepers. It is unfortunate, however, that Patreon similarly to other popular platforms has moved in the direction of censorship and restrictions. Now rather than being a completely neutral platform it is routinely banning certain people and groups from being able to raise funds there. When a popular site such as this comes out and says that they’re not going to tolerate something like hate speech and uses that as their reason or justification for removing someone from the platform or restricting their ability to raise funds, it raises questions about freedom of expression and who it is that decides what is and isn’t acceptable. The only problem is that it starts them down a slippery slope. This site like others in Silicon Valley is now expanding on the types of speech and topics that can and cannot be used for fundraising. Some suggest that it is now moving into politically motivated choices that lean in one direction and against another. This means that this site and others are beginning to ban what they feel are extremists and have even moved into seemingly targeting relatively conservative journalists. These Online Platforms Often Have Double Standards There is some documented evidence that shows that Patreon was hasty and suspended their services to a group of right-wingers although the evidence was insufficient. At the same time, this platform did nothing to remove a leftist site that often promotes political violence and has not shown any willingness to exercise the same rules for that group as they did for the other. This site is a course only one of a handful of popular fundraising sites such as GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. The site GoFundMe has come to be known as a good choice for activists who want to raise money for a particular campaign they are promoting. At the same time, they banned a bakery who is trying to raise funds for potential fines they face as a Christian based business that did not want to fix a cake for a same-sex wedding. Kickstarter has also banned projects that were academic in nature but that the site saw as inappropriate. And Indiegogo which is among the top fundraising sites online adamantly bans any campaign that promotes ideas centered around hate. Beyond Fundraising Platforms The problem goes beyond just the platforms that are used for fundraising but also includes the online payment processors Stripe and PayPal. These companies also have strict rules for what type of fundraisers they will support and which ones they will not. If someone has no way to collect the money then, of course, they have no fundraiser. Most Fundraising Platforms Do Not Allow For Fundraising Related To Sports Clubs Almost from the very beginning, most platforms would not allow for any fundraisers that had any relationship to gambling or sports clubs. None of the most well-known fundraising platforms allows for the collection of money if it has any ties to sports clubs or gaming. This has meant that many who might have an otherwise reasonable fundraising project couldn’t do it if it related to those topics. One of the premier Australian services that will allow you to fundraise for topics that include basketball, tennis, baseball, karate club, ice hockey, and many more is our very own Fundraising for Sporting Clubs. We are Australia’s largest platform for poker fundraising and has been responsible for over $1,000,000 raised to date for several different sports clubs. If you’ve been struggling to find a service that would allow you to run this type of fundraiser, then this would be the perfect place. Even for those who have no experience with creating fundraising ideas, we can do it for you. In fact, if you go through us we will even guarantee that you raise at least $1,000 profit for your club. All of our packages are hands-free and includes a wide range of promotional material along with our guarantee. If you’ve been looking for a place and a way you have now found it.

How To Raise Funds For Charity
Tips And Advice On How To Raise Funds For Charity

Raising funds (also known as fundraising) is a technique of collecting donations of money or any other forms of resources by requesting contributions. This is achieved by asking for contributions from governmental agencies, charitable foundations, businesses, or individuals. There are different ways you can use to raise funds for charity. These methods include: Grants There are many companies, corporations, foundations, and agencies that offer grants for non-profit organisations to apply. Grant funding is a popular method used by private foundations as well as government units. Different non-profit organisations will compete for the grant. Back in 2016, it is estimated that Australian corporations gave $9 billion as charitable. This number included volunteer grants, matching gifts, as well as corporate grants. Private-Funding (Individual Donors) An individual donation is a popular form of raising funds for charity. This technique involves identifying and soliciting for investors or private parties for a non-profit enterprise. Often referred to as File, you can raise funds by asking friends, parents, corporations and private foundations to donate. The truth is that this method takes time and a lot of effort explaining to people why they should donate. Selling Products Or Services This is another method one can raise funds for charity. In a matter of facts, it is a popular method and mainly used by companies and store owner. The chances are that you have seen a company asking you to buy their products and certain percentages of the purchased product cost will go to charity. Moreover, many store owners around in Australia have some sort of donation collection bins for customers willing to donate after they have purchased their product. As such, if you are looking for a great way to raise funds for charity, this method is excellent. All it takes is selling your products or service and using a certain percentage of the buying price to raise funds for donation. Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a technique of raising funds for a cause or product by involving a large number of people. This can be done either online or offline. It is a popular form of raising funds efficiently. However, it needs a lot of preparation and effort marketing the event. In other words, it is generally a form of peer-to-peer fundraising technique that uses the power of social networks to not only raise awareness but draw donations from all over the world or country. The benefit of this fundraising technique is that anyone can do it. It does not need selling funds, competition, or talking to few people. In other words, if you do not have the ability, power of funds to use the above methods, then this method is for you. Furthermore, due to advancement in technology and increased number of social media, you can appeal to people quickly. It has become an essential part and tool, especially for an individual or a small group of persons. It offers a simple and yet effective way of accepting donations. Offline crowdfunding methods may include: –    Fun Run or Walk –    A-Thon Event –    Other Forms Of Competition (Not Sporty) –    Auction –    Gala –    Concerts –    Sporting Event and others –    Poker Events   How to Raise Funds For Charity? It is quite clear that there are many ways one can use to raise funds for charity. However, the million-dollar question is how do you go about it? Well, below is a step-by-step method to follow. Talking To The Charity, You Are Rising Funds For The first thing to do is talk to the charity you are about to raise funds for. Many people raise funds without contacting their preferred nonprofit organisation. Well, this is good, but you will find there is a lot of benefit to reaching out. For example, you may tie your even with theirs for a better outcome. Consider The Method And See If Your Company Matches Gifts Even though it is essential to think of the method you prefer in advance, it is wise to consider everything. The truth is that some ways may work for you and others will not. All in all, the technique you use to raise funds is essential. Also, it is important to see if your company matches gifts. What does this mean? Well, it merely means that a company will match the charitable donations you make.  This technique will double the amount of money you will be able to give to your chosen charity. Hold An Event Holding an event is a great way to raise funds for a particular charity. The truth is that organising an event can turn into a massive undertaking and it is wise to work with everyone who is passionate about your cause. At the same time, it is important to note that fundraising even needs an upfront financial investment. You can minimise cost by requesting local businesses to donate. Take Advantage Of The Web The internet has made everything easy, and this is a fact. For this reason, using the web to not only market the even but also create awareness is an excellent move. Moreover, research shows that 87% of people in the world hold either one or multiple social media accounts. For this reason, taking advantage of social media is a huge plus. Talk to us Here are Poker Deluxe we have a range of ideas for fundraising including fundraising ideas for Sports Clubs, Cricket Clubs, Football Clubs and serve clients all around Australia Including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast.

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Top Fundraising Ideas for Football Clubs

Top Fundraising Ideas for Football Clubs Whether it’s a race up the AFL rankings or a passionate season in the A-League, there’s nothing more important than having the funds to run a well-established club. Putting together a solid plan of action for present and future fundraising activities can help promote development in the long-term. A world-class club in Australia has to pin its hopes on professionalism, good morals, and effective fundraising ideas to keep things moving in the right direction. This can become the most essential step towards a healthy and fully functional sporting club.   What can a fundraising event include? A fundraising event can be something as charming as a poker night established between various members of the club and local representatives. It’s a way to bring the community together and illustrate the beauty of sports in Australia. Whether it is management, coaches, rookies, or established players, the fundraising event can make it all come together. This not only helps raise funds but brings everyone under one roof. However, having a fundraising event doesn’t mean it has to be the same old boring get-togethers no one wants to be a part of! It can be different and still yield great results in the long-term. Whether it is purchasing new kits, equipment, or a combination of both, a great fundraising event can be hosted without a problem. It begins by understanding the nuances of a good fundraiser and then using this as a launching pad to raise money.   Things to Consider 1) Choose Type of Event What type of event will fit the ethos of your football club? Is it a fundraising event that fits the club’s brand, community, and fanbase? Does it have the charm needed to bring in new funds? Answering these questions is important and that’s where poker is a great solution since it is known to offer time to gel. It provides people of all ages the chances to participate and have the time of their life while working for a good cause. This is where Poker Deluxe is highly regarded as one of the finest fundraising options in the country.   2) Find the Right Organisers Being put in a spot where the event has to be organised is difficult, but it’s never impossible. You can choose the right professionals to come in and work on hosting the event from start to finish. This is why Poker Deluxe is such a heralded option as it has been around for years and has a grasp of what’s required to do a good job. This will make sure the event is a success and brings people in. What does Poker Deluxe offer? * Tickets (Pre-Sale) * Promotional Posters * Over $2000 Worth of Prizes * E-Invites for All Guests (Email) * Hosts To Run The Night * And More!   3) Prepare the Guest List Who will be attending the poker night? This is an important question to ask, and it has to include all relevant parties to be a success. For example, if a football club is going to be using this service, then it should be looking to invite family members, players, friends, colleagues, retired players, local business members, and club members. There can be additional individuals (government officials, celebrities) that can be brought into the mix as well. With a football club, the goal is to consider all club members and local businesses in the community as they can be a great source of funds. The beauty of a well-organised fundraising event is the ability to convince guests to donate, and this can come in various forms (i.e. free equipment). The goal is to receive donations, and this can come in all forms including cash if necessary. Along with the established donations, additional prizes/services can be raffled to participants at the event to increase interest. To do this the right way, it’s highly recommended to work with local businesses loyal to the club as it can be a win-win situation for both parties. The business can advertise locally and gain support among its target market. Over time, the fundraising event can start to focus on larger sponsors such as the big name corporations. It’s best to set up robust meetings with these corporations for ideal results. While doing this, don’t forget previous businesses/individuals that have donated to the football club. These are loyal influencers and will play a great role in promoting the fundraiser.   4) Take Your Time The best way to organise an event is to give yourself as much time as possible. This should include at least a month or so of organisation time where the fundraiser can be set up. It will allow everyone to prepare for the event and schedule it in. During this stage, it is recommended to start working on pre-selling tickets to spread the word. This will let the organisers get a read on how many guests are going to attend well in advance. In addition, it will let the guests know the event is coming up and they’ll be able to clear up their schedules. It can also lead to increased interest from around town, and that is never a bad thing for the club.   5) Create a Budget A poker night is going to require a pre-established budget, and that’s a must for the fundraising team. This can help include fees associated with renting out a venue, food, and other details that come with any event. If there are issues with the costs, these should be addressed well in advance. Overextending on the budget is bad and can lead to issues. To start cutting costs think of the following factors: 1) Fundraising Goal 2) Break-Even Costs 3) Cost per Guest 4) Donation Per Guest (Estimate) Continue to weigh in all of these details and then make a decision based on the information you collect. This is a great opportunity to start raising funds for the football club and make sure it is done the right way. Anything short of this might lead to an inefficient solution that doesn’t lead to a successful night.

$1.5 million raised
Poker Deluxe breaks $1.5 million raised!

As the football and soccer seasons draw to a close for 2017 and cricket season just begins to warm up, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we can announce Poker Deluxe has now raised over $1.5 million for various clubs, charities, and organizations all across Australia. From the CBD to the outback and everywhere in between, Poker Deluxe has run successful fundraising events all across the country operating in 5 cities.  The funds raised have been used for all kinds of things at each club, including new footy’s and jersey’s, physio equipment and massage tables, facility upgrades, and even helping with the cost of travel to send junior and senior teams to interstate and international competitions all over the world! Some of the various charities that Poker Deluxe has had the pleasure of helping raise money for include Peter Mac, Wizo Australia, Epworth Hospital, Hands Off Foundation, Tour de Cure, and Movember, just to name a few. With over 100 fundraisers completed this year alone, Poker Deluxe is proud to be able to help raise money for such a wide variety of clubs, charities and organizations across Australia.  Some of the more successful fundraisers Poker Deluxe have done this year  include over $6,000 raised for Wizo Australia, a charity dedicated toward growing the status and welfare of women in Israel, $4,000 for Holy Trinity Primary School, $4,500 for Upwey Tecoma Football Club, $5,000 for St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club, $7,500 for South Springvale Soccer Club, and $4,500 for Juventus Soccer Club. The reason Poker Deluxe are so popular as a fundraising option for clubs and the reason the same clubs return year after year as an annual event is because they make it so easy for them to raise money.  No door knocking, no slaving over a sausage sizzle, no getting on the phone and calling every single member for a donation.  All the club has to do it sell tickets and make sure people attend on the night and Poker Deluxe take care of the rest.  They provide all your marketing material to promote the event, all the equipment, hosts to run the night, over $2,000 worth of prizes to be won and a minimum of $1000 profit guaranteed. Poker Deluxe would like to extend a huge thank you to all the clubs and organizations out there that have put their faith in them to be able to deliver a successful fundraiser and who continue to come back year after year for repeat fundraisers.  Poker Deluxe would not be where they are today without the support of clubs like these. So if you are involved in a local sporting club, charity, or organization and haven’t experienced how easy a Poker Deluxe fundraiser is to organize and how much money you can raise, get in touch with the team to find out more about what’s involved and book in your fundraiser for 2018 now!

Greensborough JFC send their kids to WA

In a world where the cost of everything is rising, it has never been more important for local amateur sporting clubs to rely on the funding and donations from its players and members to help cover the costs of running a not for profit sporting organisation. One of the most popular ways to do this is through fundraising events, of which the team at Poker Deluxe specialise in.  Not only does the club get to put on a great social event for its members that everyone will be talking about after, but Poker Deluxe will also guarantee a minimum of $1000 profit raised provided there are at least 50 players on the night. On Saturday 20th May 2017, Greensborough Junior Football Club hosted a Poker Deluxe fundraiser to help raise money for one of their junior teams to head over to Western Australia to compete in a local junior football tournament against local Perth teams.  They do this every two years with the WA team coming over to Victoria every other year. The trip is completely self-funded by the club and allows junior players to experience what it is like to travel interstate as a team and compete.  They travel, train, stay, eat, and compete as a team, which allows them to gain invaluable experience of what it is like to be part of a team environment and develop necessary skills to be successful both in the sporting world, and in their personal lives. Over 50 people attended the night, with many more coming along to cheer on the players and support the club.  With a 7 night accommodation package to Bali valued at $1600 on offer to the winner, as well as some great prizes for the top 9 finishers, the competition was fierce.  What makes Poker Deluxe fundraisers so successful is that for the first 1 hour and 15 minutes, players are allowed to buy more chips.  This not only gives players added entertainment in case they lose their chips early, but it gives them a better chance of making the final 9 whilst also raising money for the club as 100% of the rebuys on the night goes straight back to the fundraiser, so it’s win-win! After almost 3 hours of poker, a winner was finally crowned with over $3000 being raised for to Western Australia trip that is happening in 2018.  This was Greensborough Junior Football Club’s third poker fundraiser and locked in as an annual event on the social calendar.  Over the last three events, the club has raised just shy of $10,000. Without fundraising events such as those hosted by Poker Deluxe, along with the support of club players and members, a lot of local sporting clubs would not exist.  To find out more information about how Poker Deluxe fundraisers work or to book in your 2017 fundraiser, call the team at Poker Deluxe on 1300 1POKER (1300 176 537) or CLICK HERE to have a look at the fundraiser packages.  

Blue Tutu Project
Fundraising Ideas for Football, Soccer, Rugby Clubs

With the weather starting to cool down and the rainy days becoming more regular, it appears the winter is creeping closer. And whilst we wave goodbye to beach days, summer barbecue’s and cricket, we say hello to the start of the season for football clubs, soccer clubs, and rugby clubs. With pre-season well and truly in full swing, the start of the proper season is just around the corner and for a lot of clubs, this means getting together with the social committee and planning this year’s events for the club. If you’re sick of the same old raffles, trivia nights and quiz nights, you may want to consider a poker night from Poker Deluxe. With over $1 million raised for sporting clubs and charities around Australia, Poker Deluxe takes the stress out of organising your fundraiser. Poker Deluxe put their money where their mouth is too, guaranteeing a profit of at least $1000 for any event they host where 50 people attend. Poker Deluxe do everything, from organising and sending you promotional material for your fundraiser (posters, invitations, tickets) to providing over $2000 worth of prizes on the night. They bring everything along on the night (except chairs) to run the event including tables, chips, cards, tournament software and professional hosts to coordinate the night. The reason Poker Deluxe’s events are so successful and have raised so much money is the unique way they are structured. All you have to do is sell the tickets they provide and the majority, if not all, of the costs will be covered, before the night has even begun! Then on the night, Poker Deluxe’s professional hosts will run a rebuy style poker tournament (VIC, NSW, QLD), where players can buy more chips if they get short or want more, with 100% of the rebuys going directly back to the club. The more times players rebuy, the more money the club raises! After the rebuys have finished, it becomes a knockout tournament and once players lose their chips they’re eliminated from the tournament. The tournament hosts will break tables down until there is eventually 9 players left at which point they are moved onto a final table with a professional dealer and play down until there is one player left who is crowned the winner. The nights normally last around 3-3.5 hours and are always great fun. Everyone has a blast, there are some fantastic prizes to be won and most importantly, plenty of money is raised for the club or organisation! So if your clubs events are well attended and you can get 50 players there then there’s no reason not to host a Poker Deluxe fundraiser. Poker Deluxe is Australia’s biggest poker fundraising events provider with over $1 million raised for various sports clubs around Australia including: Football club fundraisers Cricket club fundraisers Basketball club fundraisers Tennis club fundraisers Gridiron club fundraisers Baseball club fundraisers Hockey club fundraisers Karate club fundraisers Soccer club fundraisers Rugby club fundraisers Netball club fundraisers Bowling club fundraisers Lacrosse club fundraisers Golf club fundraisers Ice Hockey club fundraisers Billiards club fundraisers To find out more information or to book in your poker fundraiser, call the team at Poker Deluxe on 1300 1POKER (1300 176 537) or have a look at the fundraiser packages.

Poker Deluxe Fundraising Wrap Up in 2016

It seems that 2016 was over in the blink of an eye, and before we know it 2017 will be coming to a close, but before we get into the swing of things for the year, I wanted to take a minute to review the year 2016 for Poker Deluxe. 2016 was another successful year for Poker Deluxe, helping raise $223,825 for local sporting clubs, charities, and organisations.  Events were held across all major cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth. Throughout 2016, Poker Deluxe held 102 fundraising event with an average profit of $2,186 for each event.  Over 5000 players attended Poker Deluxe fundraisers in 2016 and 2017 is shaping up to be just as busy! A lot of people want to know why 2016 was such a busy year for Poker Deluxe, and the answer is simple.  It’s an easy, hassle free, minimal risk way to raise money for your local club or organisation and it’s also a great social event. Poker Deluxe takes the stress out of organising your fundraiser.  All you have to do is be confident that 50 people will attend up and sell the tickets that are provided, and Poker Deluxe will do the rest all whilst guaranteeing a minimum of $1000 profit.  They do everything, from organising and sending you promotional material for your fundraiser (posters, invitations, tickets) to providing over $2000 worth of prizes on the night.  They bring everything along on the night (except chairs) to run the event including tables, chips, cards, tournament software and professional hosts to coordinate the night. The reason Poker Deluxe can raise so much for clubs and organisations is that players can buy more chips at any time in the first hour and 15 minutes of the tournament and 100% of those rebuys, every single dollar, goes directly back to the club.  So if there’s 50 players and they rebuy on average $40 worth of extra chips, that’s $2000 straight back to club.  That’s the reason Poker Deluxe can guarantee a minimum of $1000 profit.  Because usually it’s much more than this. Once the rebuy period is over it’s a normal knockout tournament and once players lose their chips they’re eliminated from the tournament.  Eventually there will be 9 players left at which point they are moved onto a final table with a professional dealer and play down until there is one player left who is crowned the winner. The nights normally last around 3-3.5 hours and are always great fun.  Everyone has a blast, there are some fantastic prizes to be won and most importantly, plenty of money is raised for the club or organisation! So to find out more information or to book in your 2017 poker fundraiser, call the team at Poker Deluxe on 1300 1POKER (1300 176 537) or click here to have a look at the fundraiser packages.

St Marys Greensborough JFC Raises Money for Renovations

St Marys Greensborough JFC are on a mission to renovate their second football ground, Greensborough Park. With limited assistance from the council the project is to install new toilet facilities and an umpires room. “We though a poker night would be a good idea for the parents to not only raise some money but have a fun social night out. We engaged the services of Poker Deluxe to host the night which was a great success. The 63 attendees raised over $5000 for our club and just as importantly everyone had a fantastic time. People are already talking about planning next year’s event and how many extra mates they are going to bring along. From a club point of view the best part was Poker Deluxe did everything, from providing marketing material, set-up, hosted the night, dealt the final table and handed out prizes. All we had to do was promote the event & man the bar. The organisation of the night, customer service and their professionalism was excellent. We are hoping to reduce the renovations budget of $35k with donations of labour. Members have already donated about $5,000 to the cause via a voluntary levy on their fees and with this $5k raised from the poker night we are well on the way. Thank you Poker Deluxe. We will see you next year.” Evan Butterworth President St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club.

Fundraising Ideas for your Winter Season Sports Club

Are you thinking of holding a fundraising event for your sports club, charity or for any other good cause? Looking for fun, exciting ideas, rather than the same old raffle tickets and trivia night that everybody else does as footy, soccer and winter sports season approaches? Then you’ve landed right where you need to be! Whether you’re fundraising for a footy club or a homeless shelter, a winter sports club or a charity of any kind, we can bring the alluring attraction of a Poker Deluxe fundraising night to your venue. We’re experts at running poker tournaments for charities and sporting clubs seeking to raise money, and we even guarantee over $1000 profit minimum* as well as offer $2000 worth of top-notch prizes to tempt would-be players to attend. Here’s a quick rundown of what we do and why you’ll love it: 1) We come to your venue and set up a poker tournament your guests will love. We bring all the equipment including tables, chips, cards and hosts to run the show, so you won’t have to do anything other than make the booking and sell the tickets. 2) Our professional staff teach newbies the game and moderate the tournament while a host keeps the evening moving forward and entertains along the way. 3) Prizes are awarded to the final table on 9 with the ultimate prize to the player who wins the tournament and take down all the chips. Curious to know what the ultimate prize is? Read on. Poker Deluxe Platinum Prize Pack To tempt your guests to attend and dig deep you’ll need to offer enticing prizes for winning the tournament. We’ve got you covered, and our fantastic prizes never fail to attract plenty of people to show up and play. We offer quality prizes for the final table on 9 players ranging from bottles of wine to an Android tablet to gold class movie tickets and a poker table set for the home. The ultimate prize for the tournament champ is a 7-day land package to Bali at a 5-Star resort including airport transfers, daily breakfast for 2 and more.. valued at $1500! Talk about going all in….If that doesn’t attract players, nothing will! Why Choose Poker Deluxe for your next Fundraiser Idea? Of the many great reasons to choose us as your next unique fundraising idea, here are a few:  We have a fully trained and experienced team, ready to deliver at a venue of your choice. We’re the best at what we do.  Our reputation is sterling, and we invite you to check out our testimonials of the many happy customers. We guarantee client satisfaction.  We provide all the top-quality equipment required to make the event run seamlessly from tables to cards, laptops with the timer to high-end prizes. You won’t have to lift a finger on the night.  We also provide tickets and promo material including a digital invitation for you to market the event beforehand.  We have successfully raised over $1 million for charities and sports clubs across Australia. Our success speaks for itself! Summary There’s nothing that brings people together and gives them a night to remember like a high-stakes poker night. With top prize, a fun-fueled evening is guaranteed. Ready to do something unique to raise money for your sporting club or charity? We put the fun back into fundraising, as we go all out so you can go all in…. Contact Us to find out more about our Poker Deluxe Fundraiser packages now. *Guaranteed $1000 profit raised depends upon at least 50 players attending.

upwey-tecoma-fnc unique
Upwey Tecoma FNC Raises Money for Footy Under Lights

“Late in season 2015, the Upwey Tecoma Football Club was advised that our local Council was ready to install new lights at our ground to a standard which would allow night football to be played there in season 2016. This was considered to be a very exciting prospect by everyone involved at the Football Club. The Club was required to make a financial contribution and the very significant balance would be Council funded, hence we set about detailing how we would meet our monetary objective of $15,000. We had very successfully engaged the services of Poker Deluxe in the past and without any delay, we engaged their services again for our November 2015 fundraiser event! We had just under 100 people come along to the night, and 80 players participated in the fun of the evening – playing poker to win some great prizes! The night was a huge success, with well over $6000 raised, the bulk of which was from the poker games, with the balance from bar profit! Poker Deluxe were excellent – on time, met all their promises prior to and at the event itself, very professional but at the same time making it a fun night for all involved! The other attraction of the nights is that it is easy to run from the Clubs point of view – organise an appropriate venue, organise some drinks and supper, and then simply focus on getting people along, women included. The training on the night provided by Poker Deluxe staff to inexperienced poker players was first class, supported by the fact that the big winner on the night had never played poker before, and was in fact a female – so a big win for women, as all those in attendance will well remember! So we were delighted with the entire night, and will certainly engage the services of Poker Deluxe again in the future.” Andrew Peterson Fundraising Commitee Upwey Tecoma Football Netball Club

Fundraising for Cricket Clubs

Fundraising plays a key role in the survival of all sporting clubs of all codes. But with the weather heating up and the ashes heading down under this summer, cricket lovers across Australia are dusting off the pads and wickets are being rolled in preparation for the upcoming cricket season. Although there are funding schemes and ideas for fundraising in place, these are very limited in numbers, so it is vital cricket clubs find other ways of sustaining themselves and develop for the future. Fundraising events, such as a fun social poker night, can help create camaraderie among cricket club members and their families as they come together to enjoy a fun night of cards as a group. It’s also a great way to get the parents of junior players and the senior players at the club and helps give a greater sense of community, all while having a great time and raising valuable funds for the club. So, your grass roots cricket club needs to raise money for new equipment or perhaps work around the clubhouse and grounds, but your sick and tired of the same old trivia nights, meat raffles or not sure how to organise a successful fundraising event. Then here are some pointers to help you organise a successful fundraiser that everyone will enjoy, but most importantly raise money for the club: • Decide what event you want to hold. Look at previous fundraising events you have held or what other clubs in your community have done to see what works best. Poker is not only a fun, social and team building night that has risen in popularity since Aussie Joe Hachem won the World Series of Poker. Men, women, young and old can all participate on a level playing field, all while raising money for the club. Visit Poker Deluxe on facebook to see images of recent fundraisers. • Choose a reliable group of people to help you organise and run the event. It’s admirable that you might not want to burden others with organising the fundraiser, but this is where the team building begins and can only help the end cause. Poker Deluxe’s experienced team will be right there with you in the lead up to the event. We’ve done this plenty of times, so not only do we provide everything you need to run a successful poker tournament, we also provide you with: Posters to promote the night Tickets for pre-sale Electronic invitation to email guests Poker game rules cheat sheet Learn to play session at your event Help you with social media promotion And over $2,000 worth of prizes! • Lean on EVERYONE at the club to tell friends, family and work colleagues to attend the night. The more people, means more $’s for the cricket club. • Make a list of all the people you know (family, friends, colleagues, retired players and club members, local businesses) and work out how they can help you tell more people in the broader community, as well as participating in the poker fundraiser itself. • Consider local businesses or club members with small businesses in the community and ask for possible donations/sponsorship for the cricket club. Ask for ‘in kind’ contributions or free use of equipment rather than cash as you’re more likely to get a positive response. These prizes or business services can then be auctioned, raffled or added to the poker prizes at the fundraiser to give attendees more things to win for their donations to the club. • Approach smaller and local businesses first as they are likely to appreciate the opportunity of advertising locally and supporting their own community more than larger big name corporations. Always offer face to face meetings rather than just sending out letters with no follow up. • Always invite any businesses or individuals who have donated to the night and let them share in the fun social aspect of poker fundraiser, while providing a great chance to network for future events. • Try to allow yourself a good 4 or more weeks, preferably 6, so you have as much time to promote the fundraiser as well as giving possible guests the best chance to mark the night in their calendar. • Pre-selling tickets is a must. No matter how many people say they are coming, they aren’t actually coming until they have made a donation to purchase a ticket. Pre-selling the ticket, not only locks people in and gives you every chance of raising more funds. It also means your guests will have more expendable cash on the night to spend on other things to help the club, since they haven’t just had to pay for their ticket on arrival. • Consider your budget for the event and set yourself and the fundraising team a target. By considering the capacity of your venue and the predicted number of guests you can set an admission price. Be careful – if the price is too high it will put some people off, too low and it will severely reduce the amount you raise. Consider: What are your break even costs? What is your fundraising goal? How many guests do you need to cover costs? How many guests do you need to start making money for the cricket club? This is just some of the things we can do to help your cricket club hold that memorable and successful fundraiser event this season, so drop us a message. As always – May the flop be with you!

sporting-clubs fundraising-ideas
Fundraising For Sports Clubs and Charities

Are you someone that is looking for fundraising ideas for your sports club? Finding unique fundraising ideas for your sports club is never an easy task. Many fundraising ideas are similar which can dampen the results that you can get from it. In this article, we will be going over reasons why Poker Deluxe is the single best fundraising platform that you can use to raise money for your sports club. Reasons To Choose Poker Deluxe: 1. Unique Approach. One of the main reasons Poker Deluxe is such a good option has to do with it being such a unique approach. Because it offers such a unique approach that you are going to be able to use to raise funds for your sports club, it is something that people are going to be interested in. By introducing a fundraising idea that most people haven’t heard of, they are going to be much more interested in participating. By sticking to the same tried and true formula with the same ideas, people are going to end up losing interest and they will not want to take part in it as a direct result. 2. Guarantee. Another reason you want to consider choosing Poker Deluxe to raise funds for your sports club is due to the guarantee that we provided. Poker Deluxe knows how effective the fundraising platform is. As a result, we are willing and able to offer a complete guarantee of $1,000 profit. This means that if you are unable to reach $1,000 throughout the course of the event, we will make up the difference on our own. Therefore, there is no risk at all by choosing Poker Deluxe to raise money for your sports club. You will be able to go in knowing that you are going to raise money for your worthy cause no matter what. 3. We Handle Everything. Another reason you want to consider choosing us to raise money is since we handle just about everything for you. Rather than having to run the fundraising task on your own, you are going to be able to have everything handled while you earn the funding that you need. Not only do you not have to come up with the fundraising idea on your own, but we do all of the work that is involved for you. 4. We Supply Everything. We know how important it is to have all of the right marketing material and all of the promotional material to have a successful fundraising event. This is why we take the guesswork out of the equation. We supply all of our clients with everything that they would need to succeed with their fundraising efforts. We provide everything from posters to other kinds of marketing materials needed to market your event. Along with this, we supply everything that you would need at the actual event including but not limited to the tables, cards, chips, prizes, and trophies. 5. Versatility. Another big reason we should be your preferred method for fundraising is due to the versatility that we can offer. We can adjust the event to meet the needs of your organisation and the size and scale that you are looking for. Regardless of whether you are looking for a huge fundraising event or a relatively small one, we will be able to accommodate your needs accordingly. Another good thing about the versatility we offer is the ability to alter the event based on age. We have events that can cater to any age that you are looking for. Having a fundraiser with a right amount of versatility is key to getting the most out of your efforts. 6. Proven. We have a proven platform that works. We know how important it is to offer something that is completely turn-key and something that has proven to be successful in the past. This is why we are able and willing to provide such a guarantee. We know that this fundraising idea and system that we have put together works. Therefore, we are both willing and able to offer such a solid guarantee. 7. It’s Fun. Not only are you going to be able to raise the funds that you need to, but it is going to be a fun time. Having an event that is fun is going to get all of your volunteers involved, and it will make it so that you don’t have to work hard to convince people to go to it or get involved with it. A lot of the times fundraisers become a chore because they are not fun at all. We have designed a platform that is fun for everyone involved which is why it is such an effective way of generating the funding that you need. Fundraisers rely on winning people over emotionally. By highlighting that emotional connection people have with an association or charitable cause, you can maximise the success of your unique fundraising idea. So that members and potential donors or sponsors can see the value of your fundraiser event, it is also important to provide your members and the general public with concise information about your organisation’s objectives and needs. Most sporting clubs and charitable organisations find themselves in difficult financial situations – more often than not, they are extremely under-resourced. Without adequate funding, sport and recreation organisations cannot operate at their desired level, therefore many kids in grassroots sporting associations are left without adequate resources. This means generating additional income is an important responsibility facing many volunteer-based committees. Sports clubs and charitable organisations are constantly under pressure to obtain funding. They operate in a society characterised by increasing expectations from members and staff (and their reluctance to pay increases in fees and charges), less government funding and a near-impossible task of securing any expendable cash of the general public. If these associations wish to provide the type and quality of services patrons increasingly expect (e.g. more comfortable facilities, special events), then income generated by the usual day-to-day operations (e.g. membership fees) will generally be insufficient. For most sport and recreation organisations, alternative sources of funds are required to expand the range of services and greatly enhance their quality. When discussing fundraiser activities, many people will tend to think about the usual tried (but not always true) traditional approaches. These normally include activities such as raffles or fundraising events (e.g. doorknock appeals, fun runs and selling chocolates door to door). However, there are a number of alternatives to these traditional approaches, which organisations may wish to consider as part of their yearly fundraising activities: · Poker night fundraiser or series of poker fundraiser events with prizes · Silent or live sporting memorabilia auction (Legends & Heroes) · Casino night · Team and event sponsorship · Trivia night · Coaching clinic by clubs players · Sausage sizzle · Car wash · Install a vending machine · Sell club merchandise · Rent club house for outside functions · Donations from members and local community · Record attempt by organisation · Walkathon, readathon, bikeathon · Fetes and market stalls · Buy a brick in the clubhouse Overall, we feel we are the single best fundraising platform for those looking to raise funds for sports clubs. Not only do we offer a completely ‘done for you’ platform that allows our clients to rake in the funds they need, but we provide a complete $1,000 guarantee which means that you don’t go home empty-handed ever. You are guaranteed to make money for your organisation every time which is the goal in the first place. We offer a unique fundraising opportunity that anyone would be interested in. That way, you can stand out and get people interested in supporting your event like none other. Instead of having to put in all of the work on your own from marketing to running the event, we handle everything for you. We offer the supplies that you need to market the event and to run the event effectively. We are a complete fundraising platform that is perfect for fundraising for sports clubs. Request a quote today, and you can be on your way of earning money for your sports club.

1-million-raised poker deluxe
Poker Deluxe Raises Over $1 Million for Charities & Sporting Clubs

It’s with great pride and excitement that we can announce after more than 400 events around Australia, Poker Deluxe has reached our goal of helping various charities and sporting clubs raise over $1 million. Funds raised for sporting clubs have been used to buy new equipment, make upgrades to ageing facilities and assist their junior and senior teams with cost of travel to compete at regional, national and international events. In addition to helping grass roots sporting clubs, Poker Deluxe have also been able to assist many reputable charities, such as The Starlight Foundation, Queensland Flood Relief, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, Variety Club, Movember and Sids and Kids. We worked together to raise much needed funds for medical research, support and treatment. On top of the $1 Million that has been raised, Poker Deluxe has also awarded over $750,000 in prizes to the players who have shown their support by attending their local sporting fundraiser or charity poker fundraiser. This staggering prize list includes over 250 x 50″ plasmas TVs, poker tables, JB HiFi vouchers, gold class movie tickets, chipsets, wine and, last but not least, over 200 Thailand and Bali holiday packages at five-star resorts. So not only are sporting clubs and charities benefitting, but so are their guests. We’d like to thank all the many clubs and people who have held their fundraising events with us, especially to those who have returned year after year, because without your support, we’d never have been able to reach this milestone. And finally, a huge thank you to the man who started it all from humble beginnings at Poker Deluxe, Paul Walvisch, whose vision, hard work and amazing team of staff and partners made it possible. So if you’re a sporting club or charity on the lookout for a new and unique fundraising ideas, then a Poker Deluxe fundraiser is just the thing to earn you a guaranteed $1,000 profit* and help us start on the next goal of $2 million raised! Thanks again to everyone and may the flop be with you.