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Sports Club Social Night Ideas

Looking for unique fundraising ideas for your sport club?

Then look no further than our awesome profitable packages that are ideal for any sized sports club needing ideas for a great fundraising night that includes everyone.

Poker Deluxe is Australia’s biggest poker fundraising events provider with over $1 million raised for various sports clubs around Australia including:

  • Football club fundraisers
  • Cricket club fundraisers
  • Basketball club fundraisers
  • Tennis club fundraisers
  • Gridiron club fundraisers
  • Baseball club fundraisers
  • Hockey club fundraisers
  • Karate club fundraisers
  • Soccer club fundraisers
  • Rugby club fundraisers
  • Netball club fundraisers
  • Bowling club fundraisers
  • Lacrosse club fundraisers
  • Golf club fundraisers
  • Ice Hockey club fundraisers
  • Billiards club fundraisers
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Fun Social Night
gold-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $100 prizes


Over $500 Prizes
deluxe-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $500 prizes


Over $2,000 Prizes
platinum-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $2,000 prizes
Poker Deluxe Has Raised

Sports Clubs Poker Nights


So save yourself the trouble of coming up with unique fundraising ideas and let us do all the work for you. Best of all we guarantee you’ll raise at least $1,000 profit for your clubs next renovation or next sports carnival!

No matter the location, our sporting club fundraisers offer a fun social night for guests of all ages. The Poker Deluxe staff will do all the work for you, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the night.

Our fundraising packages are completely hands-free affairs. We’ll send you all the tickets, posters and marketing material you’ll need to promote your sporting club’s unique poker fundraiser, plus we bring the tables, cards, chips, prizes, trophy and all the accessories you’ll need to turn your clubhouse into a casino.

Our Guarantee
We’re the only poker event provider that offers a guarantee of $1000 profit – in other words, if you don’t reach that amount through the course of the event we’ll make up the difference instead. This means that your efforts will always be rewarded, even if your guests decide not to go deep into their pockets. But with our events, that’s yet to happen.

For further details, check out our Platinum Package. Alternatively, contact us to find out how your sports club fundraiser can be given guaranteed success through our tried and true unique fundraising ideas.

Click play on the 3 min video below to see one of our fundraiser events in action

Sporting Club Fundraising Packages

The Upwey Tecoma Football Club came to Poker Deluxe looking for unique fundraising ideas to help the local football netball club. Poker Deluxe provided all the equipment, $2000 worth of prizes, hosts to run the night and marketing material to help with promoting the event and pre-selling tickets. It was the clubs responsibility to sell those tickets and they did not disappoint. 78 players paid their $50 to participate in the fun poker tournament with others watching on. A great night was had by all and the club ended raising over $6000. Check out the video above of a Poker Deluxe fundraiser event in action.

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