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Fundraising Ideas in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Coming up with an interesting fundraising idea that will attract guests, bring in the profits and is actually fun can be a little tricky. But that’s why you turn to the experts, isn’t it?

Our fundraising packages have been carefully engineered so that you get a fun-filled event for everyone involved while still bringing in the cash you need for your fundraising event. It’s a win-win situation that we’re willing to guarantee. Even if you fall short of $1000, we’ll make up the difference. All we ask is that you bring at least 50 guests – we’ll take care of the rest.

Our poker packages include everything you need to get up and running: chips, cards, tables, and all the necessary accessories. You won’t have to worry about the details as we ensure our fundraiser package is exactly tailored to what you’re looking for. We can handle anywhere from 30 to 160 people – we’re not fazed by larger groups!

Queensland Fundraising Packages

We can host your fundraiser event anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Our years of experience give us the knowhow to set up an event that caters to any audience, whether you’re running a fundraiser for your local sports club, your school, or the country club.

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Fun Social Night
gold-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $100 prizes


Over $500 Prizes
deluxe-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $500 prizes


Over $2,000 Prizes
platinum-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $2,000 prizes
Poker Deluxe Has Raised

The Poker Buzz From Brisbane to the Gold Coast


Check out the galleries from some of our previous fundraiser events around Brisbane, Gold Coast and Australia. We turn your function room into a casino for the night. Not only do we raise some great money for the cause, but as you can see, everyone has a heap of fun!

Some of our Fundraiser Clients in Queensland