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Unique Fundraising Ideas Adelaide

Unique Fundraising Ideas Adelaide

Having trouble coming up with an idea that will make your fundraising event a guaranteed success? We’re going to come right out and say it: you’ve just found it.

Our fundraising packages have delivered for our clients each and every time, whether in Adelaide or its surrounding suburbs. We’ve dealt with smaller groups of 30 people, but can just as easily handle 160 – our unique fundraisers are for just about anyone.

Guaranteed Profits (Yes, Fully Guaranteed)

You’ve heard it all before, your product is ‘guaranteed’ – until you read the small print. We don’t work that way. We’re confident our Platinum Package will deliver exactly what it says on the tin. We’re so sure you’ll do well, that even if you don’t profit, we’ll make up the difference so that your bottom line is $1000 in the black – all we ask is that you have 50+ guests in attendance.

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Fun Social Night
gold-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $100 prizes


Over $500 Prizes
deluxe-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $500 prizes


Over $2,000 Prizes
platinum-fundraising Fundraising ideas
  • Professional hosts
  • Quality equipment
  • $2,000 prizes

Fundraising Ideas Adelaide


We believe that you should organise your fundraiser with peace of mind. Whether you’re collecting funds for your schools renovation, pooling your resources to get your sports club a new kit for the coming season, or anything else – we want your guests to have a good time without burning a hole in your pocket.

Casino Atmosphere

The problem that some providers have is that they go for the glitz and glamour of the casino experience but it just falls flat. That’s just not our thing. We have years of experience in recreating that authentic Las Vegas buzz, giving your fundraiser event that touch of atmosphere you’re looking for.

To find out more about our fully guaranteed fundraiser packages, get in touch with us today. We’ll work closely with you in Adelaide to ensure your solution matches exactly what you need.

Click play on the 3 min video below to see one of our fundraiser events in action.

Adelaide Fundraising

The Upwey Tecoma Football Club came to Poker Deluxe looking for unique fundraising ideas to help the local football netball club. Poker Deluxe provided all the equipment, $2000 worth of prizes, hosts to run the night and marketing material to help with promoting the event and pre-selling tickets. It was the clubs responsibility to sell those tickets and they did not disappoint. 78 players paid their $50 to participate in the fun poker tournament with others watching on. A great night was had by all and the club ended raising over $6000. Check out the video above of a Poker Deluxe fundraiser event in action.

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