When it comes to raising money, the word fundraising immediately comes to mind. There are many ways and strategies to do that such as organizing a poker night, talent show, or a concert for a cause. There’s a whole list of fundraising ideas that you could try out, but one of the most effective fundraising strategies is crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

It is a way or a process of funding a project by collecting money from generous individuals, usually online. If you have noticed, the difference of fundraising (traditionally) and crowdfunding is that the former is normally done offline while the latter is, as mentioned, usually online.

Today, thanks to the existence of the internet, crowdfunding is defined as a relatively new contemporary approach to fundraising and that it has become one of the most viable and convenient options for people/organizations to seek financial support.

How does it work?

In fundraising, the sources of funds can come from any source –bank or corporate organization. Crowdfunding is much more special because it actually comes from individuals who genuinely believe in your cause or your project, and would be very happy to help.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites in Australia

If you’re one of the people who have a meaningful project that you need funds for, you might want to get a head start by knowing where you could go to get what you need. Today’s your lucky day because we got you covered! Check out these five major crowdfunding sites in Australia!


If you mention the word fundraising or crowdfunding, mycause surely comes into the picture. They are Australia’s leading online crowdfunding platform for various causes — may it be charities, projects or people who need financial assistance.

What’s good about mycause is that it’s very convenient for those who are raising money and for the donors. They have 24/7 email and phone support, free campaign creation, fixed and flexible fundraising options, it’s mobile friendly and responsive to all devices, and has more than 1,500 charity partners!


Another known platform for the Australian crowdfunding markets is Everydayhero. Their focus is on supporting charities, schools and charitable events as well. Founded in 2007, they have been helping people all over the world support the causes they love.

What’s good about Everydayhero is that, on top of supporting causes worldwide, they also do not restrict their donors to financial donations. They also find a way for them to contribute by giving their time, effort, and/or action.  Everydayhero also offers a wide range of events that the locals are encouraged to support. Due to the fact that donation comes in more forms other than money, every donor truly is an everyday hero.


Third in line in Australia’s top performing crowdfunding sites is GoFundMe. Just in the last quarter of 2018, they’ve announced a new feature for their Australian users: the launch of the GoFundMe Guarantee and their move to offer free fundraising in Australia.

GoFundMe aims to make raising money faster, easier, and more successful for organizers — and one way to do this is by introducing a 0% platform fee for their organizers. They are the first and only crowdfunding guarantee in the industry, as well as one of the safest and most secure giving platform.


Chuffed is a global crowdfunding platform that offers zero fees for all campaigns — no setup fees, no hidden fees, no ongoing subscription fees for running a campaign. They cater only to non-profit and social enterprise projects. This means that Chuffed know what works best for social causes. On top of that, you keep 100% of what you raise!

When you go to their website, you will see a quick overview of how many campaigns are running, how many donors there are, how much is raised. You will also see trending causes, newest causes, and a step-by-step guide on how to use crowdfunding to get you started!


Gofundraise is another crowdfunding platform you should take note of. They are very welcoming to donors who would like to financially support individuals with their projects, charity or charitable events.

“Go make a difference,” is what you will see when you head on to their page. You can easily start fundraising, find a friend/team, charity, or event. You  may also suggest and pitch in your ideas. For those who need assistance in getting more out of their event while making a difference in the community, they can enquire and speak to their event organizers!

The reason why crowdfunding gains so much attention as one of the many fundraising ideas is because it is convenient and easy to work with. It is also less time-consuming and inexpensive because all you have to do is to start a campaign online and offer a way for people to send you money, then you sit and wait until it grows to reach your target amount.

These are just of the notable and top performing crowdfunding platforms in Australia. There are many others if you try to look for more. However, if crowdfunding is not for you, you could also try tapping fundraising organizers like Poker Deluxe. With a unique fundraising idea, you could raise money in a fun & exciting way — poker!

What is Poker Deluxe?

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