A  fundraising event is one of the best gatherings to organise. It’s about uniting people to reach a significant goal – to help. As fulfilling as it is to organize such an event, it’s inevitable to come across bumps along the road in order to get things done until the actual day.

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Fundraising Experts

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We always aim for everyone to have a good time and for the fundraising event to be a success. Check out our take on the do’s and don’ts of fundraising!


Do think positive. Having a great mindset during the whole fundraising organization is what sets the vibe and attracts the success of the event. Keep in mind that every meeting is an opportunity to shine a light on your company/cause and advance with a potential investor.  Most often than not, investors have a big name. This means that they are influential and successful people. If you do well in your presentations and meetings, they could be a big help not just financially but also by talking about you to others.

Do get involved and be active in the whole process. Speak, write, and organize the events to be involved as much as possible and attract investors by presenting your knowledge in your field. Showing that you are an active participant of this fundraising event shows people how passionate you are and will be willing to attend and/or donate to the cause.

Do your research. Before contacting investors and donors, look them up first and get to know them. Make sure you know the important information such as their valuation range, the preferred level of involvement, industry focus, etc. Make fundraising databases to record and organize the information of the people you plan to involve in the event.

Do focus on local investors first. They are a little bit easier to approach and they could help you grow & spread the word eventually. Start small and go from there.

Do talk about the goals of your fundraiser. Before people would get involved, they have to know what this is all about, why this should be worth their time, and where their money will go.

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Do send out a carefully thought out emails. From the subject to the addressee’s name and other information, to the body and the ending — it should all look and sound credible to get the trust of your recipients. Make a catchy but appropriate headline to get their attention. Put the correct name and information of company, donor or investor to make it feel more special and personal. See to it that the message contains your introduction, details on the fundraiser, what you need (their time for a meeting or phone call), and when the event is. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your name, position, company name, address and contact information.

Do figure out the best funding structure possible. List down some choices — loans, crowdfunding, etc. —  and evaluate to know which works for you. You could also sign up for charitable giving tools such as Fundraising on Facebook to collect donations conveniently. Whatever you choose, study their features and use it to your advantage.

Do implement transparency and highlight this in all your presentations. No one likes a scam, especially something involving money. Like if you have a fundraising website, you could make an accessible page solely dedicated for the people to see how the money is used and if there’s any progress. It’s also good to give them regular updates in the form of fundraising goal tracker to your donors and investors.

Do remember that as the organizer, you have the last say in almost everything. That includes all aspects like the venue, theme, budget, and maybe even investors. If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t fall in the line of your vision-mission, you do not have to proceed. Move on so as not to waste anyone’s time.



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Don’t be too aggressive. Coming off too strong might imply that you are desperate in a bad way. Don’t risk looking bad and leave a bad impression. There are many ways to promote and shine a light on your fundraiser passionately, not aggressively.

Don’t expect anything after every meeting. It takes a while before anyone could fully trust you, especially when money is involved. What you should focus on instead is to giving off a good impression and building a relationship with potential investors and everyone else you meet for the fundraiser.

Don’t delay email replies. Most of the time, clients or investors have further questions and it’s your job to think ahead and prepare the answers to their possible questions. That will give them the impression that you are trustworthy and organized. On top of that, it will speed up the process and have the people say yes to you in no time.

Don’t overlook the competition. Remember that you’re competing with other entrepreneurs in getting the attention and funding of investors. Don’t mind the others, just focus on how you can stand out from the others and find a way to make investors choose you.

Don’t feel bad if you get a “no”. If an investor declines, for now, there’s always a next time! You should still give yourself a pat on the back for trying and for putting yourself out there. If anything, at least you reached out to them and may now have a record of you. The next time you contact them, you might already get a big YES on your the funding!

Don’t ever forget to thank your supporters, donors, and investors. Without them, the fundraiser will be a flunk. Every helping hand and every dollar already goes a long way and for that, it’s important to show gratitude.

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Every helping hand is impactful; every dollar is great; anything that creates good change is worth celebrating. In the world today, a kind and generous heart go a long way. Not only does it bring joy to the recipient of your time and monetary donation, but it also brings the giver a chance to feel humble, helpful, and humanitarian. Happy fundraising!