Online Platforms Banning Users from Fundraising

The internet has proved itself as a formidable platform for fundraising in the past, but the ability for many is in decline. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are placing a variety of restrictions on what type of fundraisers can be done on those platforms and which cannot. Here we will take a look at online platforms that are banning certain subjects and people from raising funds for their cause.

Patreon Begins To Ban Some Users From Fundraising

Patreon has been a refuge for those who have seen their revenue decline from sites such as YouTube, and it has been used by many as a useful tool to earn from content creation. For some users, it has been able to provide them with a full-time income when having as few as 100 fans that give a monthly contribution towards the creation of content. This was an environment that was largely decentralised and one that would allow the creators to be able to act independently of gatekeepers.

It is unfortunate, however, that Patreon similarly to other popular platforms has moved in the direction of censorship and restrictions. Now rather than being a completely neutral platform it is routinely banning certain people and groups from being able to raise funds there. When a popular site such as this comes out and says that they’re not going to tolerate something like hate speech and uses that as their reason or justification for removing someone from the platform or restricting their ability to raise funds, it raises questions about freedom of expression and who it is that decides what is and isn’t acceptable.

The only problem is that it starts them down a slippery slope. This site like others in Silicon Valley is now expanding on the types of speech and topics that can and cannot be used for fundraising. Some suggest that it is now moving into politically motivated choices that lean in one direction and against another. This means that this site and others are beginning to ban what they feel are extremists and have even moved into seemingly targeting relatively conservative journalists.

These Online Platforms Often Have Double Standards

There is some documented evidence that shows that Patreon was hasty and suspended their services to a group of right-wingers although the evidence was insufficient. At the same time, this platform did nothing to remove a leftist site that often promotes political violence and has not shown any willingness to exercise the same rules for that group as they did for the other.

This site is a course only one of a handful of popular fundraising sites such as GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. The site GoFundMe has come to be known as a good choice for activists who want to raise money for a particular campaign they are promoting. At the same time, they banned a bakery who is trying to raise funds for potential fines they face as a Christian based business that did not want to fix a cake for a same-sex wedding. Kickstarter has also banned projects that were academic in nature but that the site saw as inappropriate. And Indiegogo which is among the top fundraising sites online adamantly bans any campaign that promotes ideas centered around hate.

Beyond Fundraising Platforms

The problem goes beyond just the platforms that are used for fundraising but also includes the online payment processors Stripe and PayPal. These companies also have strict rules for what type of fundraisers they will support and which ones they will not. If someone has no way to collect the money then, of course, they have no fundraiser.

Most Fundraising Platforms Do Not Allow For Fundraising Related To Sports Clubs

Almost from the very beginning, most platforms would not allow for any fundraisers that had any relationship to gambling or sports clubs. None of the most well-known fundraising platforms allows for the collection of money if it has any ties to sports clubs or gaming. This has meant that many who might have an otherwise reasonable fundraising project couldn’t do it if it related to those topics.

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