Top Fundraising Ideas for Football Clubs

Whether it’s a race up the AFL rankings or a passionate season in the A-League, there’s nothing more important than having the funds to run a well-established club. Putting together a solid plan of action for present and future fundraising activities can help promote development in the long-term. A world-class club in Australia has to pin its hopes on professionalism, good morals, and effective fundraising ideas to keep things moving in the right direction. This can become the most essential step towards a healthy and fully functional sporting club.


What can a fundraising event include?

A fundraising event can be something as charming as a poker night established between various members of the club and local representatives. It’s a way to bring the community together and illustrate the beauty of sports in Australia. Whether it is management, coaches, rookies, or established players, the fundraising event can make it all come together. This not only helps raise funds but brings everyone under one roof.

However, having a fundraising event doesn’t mean it has to be the same old boring get-togethers no one wants to be a part of! It can be different and still yield great results in the long-term. Whether it is purchasing new kits, equipment, or a combination of both, a great fundraising event can be hosted without a problem. It begins by understanding the nuances of a good fundraiser and then using this as a launching pad to raise money.


Things to Consider

1) Choose Type of Event

What type of event will fit the ethos of your football club? Is it a fundraising event that fits the club’s brand, community, and fanbase? Does it have the charm needed to bring in new funds? Answering these questions is important and that’s where poker is a great solution since it is known to offer time to gel. It provides people of all ages the chances to participate and have the time of their life while working for a good cause. This is where Poker Deluxe is highly regarded as one of the finest fundraising options in the country.


2) Find the Right Organisers

Being put in a spot where the event has to be organised is difficult, but it’s never impossible. You can choose the right professionals to come in and work on hosting the event from start to finish. This is why Poker Deluxe is such a heralded option as it has been around for years and has a grasp of what’s required to do a good job. This will make sure the event is a success and brings people in.

What does Poker Deluxe offer?

* Tickets (Pre-Sale)

* Promotional Posters

* Over $2000 Worth of Prizes

* E-Invites for All Guests (Email)

* Hosts To Run The Night

* And More!


3) Prepare the Guest List

Who will be attending the poker night?

This is an important question to ask, and it has to include all relevant parties to be a success. For example, if a football club is going to be using this service, then it should be looking to invite family members, players, friends, colleagues, retired players, local business members, and club members. There can be additional individuals (government officials, celebrities) that can be brought into the mix as well.

With a football club, the goal is to consider all club members and local businesses in the community as they can be a great source of funds. The beauty of a well-organised fundraising event is the ability to convince guests to donate, and this can come in various forms (i.e. free equipment). The goal is to receive donations, and this can come in all forms including cash if necessary. Along with the established donations, additional prizes/services can be raffled to participants at the event to increase interest.

To do this the right way, it’s highly recommended to work with local businesses loyal to the club as it can be a win-win situation for both parties. The business can advertise locally and gain support among its target market. Over time, the fundraising event can start to focus on larger sponsors such as the big name corporations. It’s best to set up robust meetings with these corporations for ideal results. While doing this, don’t forget previous businesses/individuals that have donated to the football club. These are loyal influencers and will play a great role in promoting the fundraiser.


4) Take Your Time

The best way to organise an event is to give yourself as much time as possible. This should include at least a month or so of organisation time where the fundraiser can be set up. It will allow everyone to prepare for the event and schedule it in.

During this stage, it is recommended to start working on pre-selling tickets to spread the word. This will let the organisers get a read on how many guests are going to attend well in advance. In addition, it will let the guests know the event is coming up and they’ll be able to clear up their schedules. It can also lead to increased interest from around town, and that is never a bad thing for the club.


5) Create a Budget

A poker night is going to require a pre-established budget, and that’s a must for the fundraising team. This can help include fees associated with renting out a venue, food, and other details that come with any event. If there are issues with the costs, these should be addressed well in advance. Overextending on the budget is bad and can lead to issues.

To start cutting costs think of the following factors:

1) Fundraising Goal

2) Break-Even Costs

3) Cost per Guest

4) Donation Per Guest (Estimate)

Continue to weigh in all of these details and then make a decision based on the information you collect. This is a great opportunity to start raising funds for the football club and make sure it is done the right way. Anything short of this might lead to an inefficient solution that doesn’t lead to a successful night.