Are you someone that is looking for fundraising ideas for your sports club? Finding unique fundraising ideas for your sports club is never an easy task. Many fundraising ideas are similar which can dampen the results that you can get from it. In this article, we will be going over reasons why Poker Deluxe is the single best fundraising platform that you can use to raise money for your sports club.

Reasons To Choose Poker Deluxe:

1. Unique Approach.

One of the main reasons Poker Deluxe is such a good option has to do with it being such a unique approach. Because it offers such a unique approach that you are going to be able to use to raise funds for your sports club, it is something that people are going to be interested in. By introducing a fundraising idea that most people haven’t heard of, they are going to be much more interested in participating. By sticking to the same tried and true formula with the same ideas, people are going to end up losing interest and they will not want to take part in it as a direct result.

2. Guarantee.

Another reason you want to consider choosing Poker Deluxe to raise funds for your sports club is due to the guarantee that we provided. Poker Deluxe knows how effective the fundraising platform is. As a result, we are willing and able to offer a complete guarantee of $1,000 profit. This means that if you are unable to reach $1,000 throughout the course of the event, we will make up the difference on our own. Therefore, there is no risk at all by choosing Poker Deluxe to raise money for your sports club. You will be able to go in knowing that you are going to raise money for your worthy cause no matter what.

3. We Handle Everything.

Another reason you want to consider choosing us to raise money is since we handle just about everything for you. Rather than having to run the fundraising task on your own, you are going to be able to have everything handled while you earn the funding that you need. Not only do you not have to come up with the fundraising idea on your own, but we do all of the work that is involved for you.

4. We Supply Everything.

We know how important it is to have all of the right marketing material and all of the promotional material to have a successful fundraising event. This is why we take the guesswork out of the equation. We supply all of our clients with everything that they would need to succeed with their fundraising efforts. We provide everything from posters to other kinds of marketing materials needed to market your event. Along with this, we supply everything that you would need at the actual event including but not limited to the tables, cards, chips, prizes, and trophies.

5. Versatility.

Another big reason we should be your preferred method for fundraising is due to the versatility that we can offer. We can adjust the event to meet the needs of your organisation and the size and scale that you are looking for. Regardless of whether you are looking for a huge fundraising event or a relatively small one, we will be able to accommodate your needs accordingly. Another good thing about the versatility we offer is the ability to alter the event based on age. We have events that can cater to any age that you are looking for. Having a fundraiser with a right amount of versatility is key to getting the most out of your efforts.

6. Proven.

We have a proven platform that works. We know how important it is to offer something that is completely turn-key and something that has proven to be successful in the past. This is why we are able and willing to provide such a guarantee. We know that this fundraising idea and system that we have put together works. Therefore, we are both willing and able to offer such a solid guarantee.

7. It’s Fun.

Not only are you going to be able to raise the funds that you need to, but it is going to be a fun time. Having an event that is fun is going to get all of your volunteers involved, and it will make it so that you don’t have to work hard to convince people to go to it or get involved with it. A lot of the times fundraisers become a chore because they are not fun at all. We have designed a platform that is fun for everyone involved which is why it is such an effective way of generating the funding that you need.

Fundraisers rely on winning people over emotionally. By highlighting that emotional connection people have with an association or charitable cause, you can maximise the success of your unique fundraising idea. So that members and potential donors or sponsors can see the value of your fundraiser event, it is also important to provide your members and the general public with concise information about your organisation’s objectives and needs.

Most sporting clubs and charitable organisations find themselves in difficult financial situations – more often than not, they are extremely under-resourced. Without adequate funding, sport and recreation organisations cannot operate at their desired level, therefore many kids in grassroots sporting associations are left without adequate resources. This means generating additional income is an important responsibility facing many volunteer-based committees.

Sports clubs and charitable organisations are constantly under pressure to obtain funding. They operate in a society characterised by increasing expectations from members and staff (and their reluctance to pay increases in fees and charges), less government funding and a near-impossible task of securing any expendable cash of the general public. If these associations wish to provide the type and quality of services patrons increasingly expect (e.g. more comfortable facilities, special events), then income generated by the usual day-to-day operations (e.g. membership fees) will generally be insufficient. For most sport and recreation organisations, alternative sources of funds are required to expand the range of services and greatly enhance their quality.

When discussing fundraiser activities, many people will tend to think about the usual tried (but not always true) traditional approaches. These normally include activities such as raffles or fundraising events (e.g. doorknock appeals, fun runs and selling chocolates door to door).
However, there are a number of alternatives to these traditional approaches, which organisations may wish to consider as part of their yearly fundraising activities:

· Poker night fundraiser or series of poker fundraiser events with prizes
· Silent or live sporting memorabilia auction (Legends & Heroes)
· Casino night
· Team and event sponsorship
· Trivia night
· Coaching clinic by clubs players
· Sausage sizzle
· Car wash
· Install a vending machine
· Sell club merchandise
· Rent club house for outside functions
· Donations from members and local community
· Record attempt by organisation
· Walkathon, readathon, bikeathon
· Fetes and market stalls
· Buy a brick in the clubhouse

Overall, we feel we are the single best fundraising platform for those looking to raise funds for sports clubs. Not only do we offer a completely ‘done for you’ platform that allows our clients to rake in the funds they need, but we provide a complete $1,000 guarantee which means that you don’t go home empty-handed ever. You are guaranteed to make money for your organisation every time which is the goal in the first place. We offer a unique fundraising opportunity that anyone would be interested in. That way, you can stand out and get people interested in supporting your event like none other. Instead of having to put in all of the work on your own from marketing to running the event, we handle everything for you. We offer the supplies that you need to market the event and to run the event effectively. We are a complete fundraising platform that is perfect for fundraising for sports clubs. Request a quote today, and you can be on your way of earning money for your sports club.