Golfzon Melbourne has a mission: to take the solitary game of golf and turn it into an exciting, social experience in the heart of Melbourne city.

Golfzon Melbourne offers the chance to enjoy the real golf experience from their indoor lounge on King Street. With multiple simulators utilizing technology which is approved by the Korean national golf team, the experience feels true to life with superior graphics making it all the more real.

For those with no golfing experience, Golfzon also offers a team of coaches to help players up their game. The head coach is Baden Schaff, a veteran coach who has taught across the world from London to Singapore, whose reputation proceeds him across Australia. Baden and the team will be sure to take care of you if you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie who can’t keep the ball on the fairway.

Golfzon also offers a fully stocked bar and food to facilitate parties. A range of drinks including beers, wines and spirits are available and a kitchen offers a selection of meals and snacks. Groups are not only welcome but encouraged.

Golfzon also offers private golf lessons as well as parties, so if you attend or hold a party and fall in love with the game you’ll be able to practice without leaving the city and without the expense of green fees at a club.

Poker Deluxe is happy to announce we are teaming up with Golfzon to bring you a bucks party experience you’ll remember for years. If you fancy competing against your best mates at golf and poker at the same time while enjoying some drinks in this classy city venue, give us a call now and we’ll make it happen!

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