Bucks Party Ideas Melbourne

Melbourne Bucks Party Packages

If you’re looking for Melbourne bucks party ideasPoker Deluxe can give you exactly what you’re looking for – gorgeous girls, drinks of every variety, and poker tables that wouldn’t look out of place in Vegas itself.

We’ve got the raunchiest options available, but also have tamer packages for those of you not looking for an extreme night. Essentially, your Melbourne bucks party package can be customised accordingly to cater exactly to your needs.

So what do you have to look forward to? Topless dealers and waitresses, stripshows, and a whole lot more. We can either go to a location of your choosing or we can host your event in one of our associated Melbourne bucks party venues and organise everything for you.

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gold button Bucks Party Ideas
  • Professional male dealers
  • Quality equipment
  • Sexy topless waitress


deluxe button Bucks Party Ideas
  • Professional host
  • Quality equipment
  • Sexy topless dealers


platinum button Bucks Party Ideas
  •  Topless dealers
  • Topless waitress
  • XXX strip show

Bucks Party Venues Melbourne


Poker Deluxe has a range of bucks venues and bucks party ideas in Melbourne that can be put to good use by our customers.

Some of our bucks party packages Melbourne are all-inclusive with food and drink and right in the heart of the CBD.

We also have some unique venues where you can not only play poker but swing at some golf balls at Golfzon play your old school video games at Bartronica or pinball machines at Pinball Paradise. Cruise along the bay on your own private bucks party cruise or have your own private function space at Centrefold Lounge Strip Club.

Alternatively you can also choose a place that falls amongst your favourites already. It’s up to you!

Our Past Events Gallery

When it comes to Melbourne bucks party nights, Poker Deluxe has all your bachelor party needs covered.

We always make sure that you have an awesome bucks night so that you and your mates can enjoy a great game of poker while being serviced by our lovely ladies.

Melbourne Bucks Party Packages

With Poker Deluxe, you can rest assured that you and the boys will experience an unforgettable Melbourne bucks night with bugger all effort required on your part. When your magical day arrives, sit back and relax as our experienced professionals take care of everything for you.

Your bucks party is too special to mess up, so if your mates couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, you can always rely on us to take care of it all for you.

Poker Deluxe are Melbourne’s premier bucks party and poker event providers, with many years of happy poker events held. To keep things fresh, we are always coming up with great new ideas to ensure you and your mates have a blast on your special day.

Our packages are designed for different levels of bucks party fun, so that you can choose what’s best for your day. All of our poker events feature only the hottest girls, the tastiest top shelf drinks and the finest poker tables.

Our Gorgeous Poker Deluxe Ladies