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Bucks Party Ideas. Fun and Entertaining

At Poker Deluxe we specialise in providing the most awesome bucks party ideas in Australia.

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If you are looking to have the best bucks night out with your mates, we can tailor the perfect bachelor party and or poker package just for you.

With numerous venue packages that include a mix of other sports and games, food and drink packages, beer pong tables and all the options for ladies you need, we are the one-stop-shop for the best bachelor party ideas in town.

Poker Deluxe Testimonials
Saady. M – Bucks Party

Poker Deluxe were very accommodating from the initial inquiry to the end of the night. There were a few adjustments to our booking leading up to it but they were very understanding and made it work for everyone. The night itself was professionally run, with a lot of fun had by everyone. Would highly recommend others to go for Poker Deluxe for a headache free way to lock in a great time for a bucks. Special mention to Adam for organising everything and Josh for hosting one hell of a night. – Bucks Party at Limerick Arms Hotel, South Melbourne

Poker Deluxe Testimonials
Rob Garroffolo Bucks Testimonial

Everything was perfectly organised and on time. Nothing was a fuss. Great venue,  great host, good laugh, cannot fault. – Bucks Party at Pinball Paradise

Poker Deluxe Testimonials
Mark D Bux Testimonial

I was definitely a bit overwhelmed organising a stag do for my best mate with 30 blokes, the pressure was on to deliver something amazing and Poker Deluxe definitely delivered. There was a vary of age groups and everyone had an amazing time and have not stopped talking about it since. Host, girls and venue were all great and happy to help when needed. Thanks again! Mark D Bux at Campari House, Melbourne

Fundraising Ideas for Sporting Clubs, over $1 Million Raised

We GUARANTEE that your fundraising event will raise a minimum of $1000 PROFIT!*

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Hosting a poker tournament at your next fundraising event is quickly becoming a fun and popular way to raise money for your cause

Poker Deluxe provides creative poker events that can generate more funds for your fundraising event when compared to other fundraising methods.

Brisbane Team Building Ideas IFAA Thumb
IFAA Poker Night

On Friday 23rd February, 30 guests from the team at IFAA battled it out at their first annual poker night.  It was fun, social night, with some fierce poker taking place.  A great night was had by all and we’re looking forward to seeing the team again next year!

Young Professionals Sydney Poker Night
Young Professionals Sydney Poker Night

On Thursday 20th July, Poker Deluxe hosted the 4th annual Young Professionals Poker Night in Sydney.  Always one of our biggest and favorite events to host each year, up and coming young professional from a range of indsutries come from all over Sydney to battle it out for the title of Poker Champion!

BTB Australia Poker Night 2017
BTB Australia Poker Night 2017

On Friday 22nd September, 25 guests from the team at BTB Australia headed to The Limerick Arms Hotel in South Melbourne to battle it out at their first annual poker night.  It was fun, social night, with some fierce poker taking place.  A great night was had by all and we’re looking forward to seeing the team again next year.

Corporate Team Building Ideas. Professional, Fun & Entertaining.

Are you looking for a fun, unique corporate team building event to reward your staff or customers?

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Corporate events by nature are designed to motivate, inspire and engage with your attendees.

Poker Deluxe has years of experience delivering successful corporate events, office parties and business events with tailored packages that suit all budgets and requirements.

Four Ways to Market and Promote Your Fundraising Event

Whether you’re part of a football, cricket, tennis, netball or karate club, we’re willing to bet you’ve helped out at or been part of a fundraiser for your sporting club. You may have cooked a barbie, sold chocolates, run a quiz night or held a bake sale to entice your friends, family and the community to support the club. With so many events fundraising for sports clubs in your community, getting your event out there and noticed can be difficult at the best of times. On top of that, we understand that some clubs might not have someone who is marketing-savvy to promote their fundraising efforts. If you are putting in the hard yards to organise a fundraising event, we want to make sure your club receives those well-earned fundraising dollars. Our team at Poker Deluxe have put together our top four tips to help you promote your fundraiser and increase your funds raised! 1. Slide into Your Supporters Email Inboxes A great, cost-free way to let people know about your event is through email. Most sporting clubs would have a contact list of ex-players, life members, current players (and if under 18, their guardians), local businesses, and potentially even club sponsors who have an interest in the club. These contacts are a great place to start your fundraising event promotion. You should aim to send three short and sweet emails about your event to these contacts – but make sure not to spam them! Email 1: Save the Date! Tell your supporters that you’ve locked in a date for the event and give them the basics, such as venue and time, as well as a basic summary of what type of fundraiser you’re holding. Food for Thought: When you receive an email from a brand or company you like, what makes you open it? Do you open it because you support everything the brand does, or is it a catchy headline or the promise to win something that gets you curious? Try using an attention-grabbing headline that makes the reader want to open the email immediately. Email 2: Event Details! Once you have confirmed more information about your fundraising event, you should communicate it to your supporters. Highlight any drawcards of your fundraising event – if you’re fundraising with a Poker Deluxe poker night, tell them about the prizes to be won, drink specials at the bar and any other important information, such as ticket costs and payment methods. Make sure not to leave this email too late, as your supporters may need to plan things such as baby sitters or time off work to come to your event.  Email 3: Last Chance! Use this email to hype up your event, with an added sense of urgency to encourage people to RSVP or buy tickets to your event. 2. Use Social Media While liking – and laughing at – memes or checking out what your distant relative is up to on their trip to Europe can be thrilling, social media can be used for far more than you might think. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are home to visual, engaging content, so writing nice things to ask people to support your event won’t quite cut it – you need to catch the eye of the average person scrolling through. A great way to do this is to use photos from previous events to accompany some text about the event. You could even ask around the club to see if anyone can put together a few marketing images using free design tools such as Canva. Like your emails, make sure to include all the important details of your event and highlight anything different about your fundraiser that might entice someone to attend. It is important to articulate why you are raising money, who will benefit from the fundraising and why your sports club is so special, as this will encourage people to support your club. 3. Encourage Your Teammates (and Community) to Get Involved Promoting your event takes more than a one-wo/man army – it takes a team! In addition, your teammates are likely to have a number of contacts in the community who can support your event They might have a friend from school who works at a sporting/leisure store or supermarket, who could sponsor prizes or provide discounted rolls and sausages for a barbeque. Or maybe they can encourage their workmates at their company to buy tickets to the event. Your fundraising event is also a good opportunity to build relationships with local businesses, as these businesses may attend the event, provide prizes, support you with a donation or simply promote the event for you on their noticeboard or via their e-newsletter. 4. Promote Your Event to the Masses Promoting your event to the wider public can be as simple as sending the event details and date to your local paper, magazine, blog or local council to include in their publications or calendars. For those who like a challenge, writing a media release about the event, with a newsworthy angle, is a great way to get the attention of journalists for paper, radio or TV broadcast. If you have writers block, we found this great article on how to write a press release for your fundraising event. How Can Poker Deluxe Help Plan Your Fundraising Event? At Poker Deluxe, we are passionate about fundraising for sports clubs through engaging, fun and slightly competitive events such as poker nights! Our team hosts fundraising events across Australia, helping sports clubs to reach their fundraising goals without the stress of organising the event themselves. We make fundraising for sports clubs easy with unique fundraising ideas that get your community, family, friends, workmates and teammates involved. And when you book an event with Poker Deluxe you receive a marketing pack which includes: posters to stick around the club, an electronic invitation to send to your database and put on your facebook page and a trybooking page set up so your attendees can purchase tickets online.  Contact Poker Deluxe today to chat to one of our friendly team about the different fundraising packages available for your event.

Organising Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams
How To Organise a Fundraiser: The Do’s and Don’ts in Fundraising

A  fundraising event is one of the best gatherings to organise. It’s about uniting people to reach a significant goal – to help. As fulfilling as it is to organize such an event, it’s inevitable to come across bumps along the road in order to get things done until the actual day. Photo: rawpixel.com via Pexels Fundraising Experts If you’re in need of help with this, you’ve come to the right place. Poker deluxe is here to support and aid you to achieve the fundraising event you’ve always wanted! There are different fundraising ideas, connections, themes, and fundraising packages that cater to your preferences. Just envision what you want the event to be like, and leave it to the experts to make it happen! The possibilities are endless when you have Australia’s biggest poker fundraising events provider.  Wherever you are located — Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth — we can make things happen. With Poker Deluxe, your charity, fundraising Australia community and sports association are in good hands! Photo: Caio Resende via Pexels We always aim for everyone to have a good time and for the fundraising event to be a success. Check out our take on the do’s and don’ts of fundraising! DO Do think positive. Having a great mindset during the whole fundraising organization is what sets the vibe and attracts the success of the event. Keep in mind that every meeting is an opportunity to shine a light on your company/cause and advance with a potential investor.  Most often than not, investors have a big name. This means that they are influential and successful people. If you do well in your presentations and meetings, they could be a big help not just financially but also by talking about you to others. Do get involved and be active in the whole process. Speak, write, and organize the events to be involved as much as possible and attract investors by presenting your knowledge in your field. Showing that you are an active participant of this fundraising event shows people how passionate you are and will be willing to attend and/or donate to the cause. Do your research. Before contacting investors and donors, look them up first and get to know them. Make sure you know the important information such as their valuation range, the preferred level of involvement, industry focus, etc. Make fundraising databases to record and organize the information of the people you plan to involve in the event. Do focus on local investors first. They are a little bit easier to approach and they could help you grow & spread the word eventually. Start small and go from there. Do talk about the goals of your fundraiser. Before people would get involved, they have to know what this is all about, why this should be worth their time, and where their money will go. Photos: rawpixel.com via Pexels Do send out a carefully thought out emails. From the subject to the addressee’s name and other information, to the body and the ending — it should all look and sound credible to get the trust of your recipients. Make a catchy but appropriate headline to get their attention. Put the correct name and information of company, donor or investor to make it feel more special and personal. See to it that the message contains your introduction, details on the fundraiser, what you need (their time for a meeting or phone call), and when the event is. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your name, position, company name, address and contact information. Do figure out the best funding structure possible. List down some choices — loans, crowdfunding, etc. —  and evaluate to know which works for you. You could also sign up for charitable giving tools such as Fundraising on Facebook to collect donations conveniently. Whatever you choose, study their features and use it to your advantage. Do implement transparency and highlight this in all your presentations. No one likes a scam, especially something involving money. Like if you have a fundraising website, you could make an accessible page solely dedicated for the people to see how the money is used and if there’s any progress. It’s also good to give them regular updates in the form of fundraising goal tracker to your donors and investors. Do remember that as the organizer, you have the last say in almost everything. That includes all aspects like the venue, theme, budget, and maybe even investors. If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t fall in the line of your vision-mission, you do not have to proceed. Move on so as not to waste anyone’s time. DON’TS   Photo: Pixabay via Pexels   Don’t be too aggressive. Coming off too strong might imply that you are desperate in a bad way. Don’t risk looking bad and leave a bad impression. There are many ways to promote and shine a light on your fundraiser passionately, not aggressively. Don’t expect anything after every meeting. It takes a while before anyone could fully trust you, especially when money is involved. What you should focus on instead is to giving off a good impression and building a relationship with potential investors and everyone else you meet for the fundraiser. Don’t delay email replies. Most of the time, clients or investors have further questions and it’s your job to think ahead and prepare the answers to their possible questions. That will give them the impression that you are trustworthy and organized. On top of that, it will speed up the process and have the people say yes to you in no time. Don’t overlook the competition. Remember that you’re competing with other entrepreneurs in getting the attention and funding of investors. Don’t mind the others, just focus on how you can stand out from the others and find a way to make investors choose you. Don’t feel bad if you get a “no”. If an investor declines, for now, there’s always a next time! You should still give yourself a pat on the back for trying and for putting yourself out there. If anything, at least you reached out to them and may now have a record of you. The next time you contact them, you might already get a big YES on your the funding! Don’t ever forget to thank your supporters, donors, and investors. Without them, the fundraiser will be a flunk. Every helping hand and every dollar already goes a long way and for that, it’s important to show gratitude. Photo: Rawpixel.com via Pexels Every helping hand is impactful; every dollar is great; anything that creates good change is worth celebrating. In the world today, a kind and generous heart go a long way. Not only does it bring joy to the recipient of your time and monetary donation, but it also brings the giver a chance to feel humble, helpful, and humanitarian. Happy fundraising!

Donate Now Fundraising Ideas For Sports Clubs
5 Major Crowdfunding Sites in Australia

When it comes to raising money, the word fundraising immediately comes to mind. There are many ways and strategies to do that such as organizing a poker night, talent show, or a concert for a cause. There’s a whole list of fundraising ideas that you could try out, but one of the most effective fundraising strategies is crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? It is a way or a process of funding a project by collecting money from generous individuals, usually online. If you have noticed, the difference of fundraising (traditionally) and crowdfunding is that the former is normally done offline while the latter is, as mentioned, usually online. Today, thanks to the existence of the internet, crowdfunding is defined as a relatively new contemporary approach to fundraising and that it has become one of the most viable and convenient options for people/organizations to seek financial support. How does it work? In fundraising, the sources of funds can come from any source –bank or corporate organization. Crowdfunding is much more special because it actually comes from individuals who genuinely believe in your cause or your project, and would be very happy to help. Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites in Australia If you’re one of the people who have a meaningful project that you need funds for, you might want to get a head start by knowing where you could go to get what you need. Today’s your lucky day because we got you covered! Check out these five major crowdfunding sites in Australia! 1.MYCAUSE If you mention the word fundraising or crowdfunding, mycause surely comes into the picture. They are Australia’s leading online crowdfunding platform for various causes — may it be charities, projects or people who need financial assistance. What’s good about mycause is that it’s very convenient for those who are raising money and for the donors. They have 24/7 email and phone support, free campaign creation, fixed and flexible fundraising options, it’s mobile friendly and responsive to all devices, and has more than 1,500 charity partners! 2. EVERYDAYHERO Another known platform for the Australian crowdfunding markets is Everydayhero. Their focus is on supporting charities, schools and charitable events as well. Founded in 2007, they have been helping people all over the world support the causes they love. What’s good about Everydayhero is that, on top of supporting causes worldwide, they also do not restrict their donors to financial donations. They also find a way for them to contribute by giving their time, effort, and/or action.  Everydayhero also offers a wide range of events that the locals are encouraged to support. Due to the fact that donation comes in more forms other than money, every donor truly is an everyday hero. 3.GOFUNDME Third in line in Australia’s top performing crowdfunding sites is GoFundMe. Just in the last quarter of 2018, they’ve announced a new feature for their Australian users: the launch of the GoFundMe Guarantee and their move to offer free fundraising in Australia. GoFundMe aims to make raising money faster, easier, and more successful for organizers — and one way to do this is by introducing a 0% platform fee for their organizers. They are the first and only crowdfunding guarantee in the industry, as well as one of the safest and most secure giving platform. 4.CHUFFED Chuffed is a global crowdfunding platform that offers zero fees for all campaigns — no setup fees, no hidden fees, no ongoing subscription fees for running a campaign. They cater only to non-profit and social enterprise projects. This means that Chuffed know what works best for social causes. On top of that, you keep 100% of what you raise! When you go to their website, you will see a quick overview of how many campaigns are running, how many donors there are, how much is raised. You will also see trending causes, newest causes, and a step-by-step guide on how to use crowdfunding to get you started! 5.GOFUNDRAISE Gofundraise is another crowdfunding platform you should take note of. They are very welcoming to donors who would like to financially support individuals with their projects, charity or charitable events. “Go make a difference,” is what you will see when you head on to their page. You can easily start fundraising, find a friend/team, charity, or event. You  may also suggest and pitch in your ideas. For those who need assistance in getting more out of their event while making a difference in the community, they can enquire and speak to their event organizers! The reason why crowdfunding gains so much attention as one of the many fundraising ideas is because it is convenient and easy to work with. It is also less time-consuming and inexpensive because all you have to do is to start a campaign online and offer a way for people to send you money, then you sit and wait until it grows to reach your target amount. These are just of the notable and top performing crowdfunding platforms in Australia. There are many others if you try to look for more. However, if crowdfunding is not for you, you could also try tapping fundraising organizers like Poker Deluxe. With a unique fundraising idea, you could raise money in a fun & exciting way — poker! What is Poker Deluxe? We are Australia’s biggest poker fundraising event provider with over $1.5million raised for sporting clubs and charities around the country. With our assistance, you can save yourself the hassle of coming up with different fundraising ideas and watch them do what they do best. We offer the best fundraising packages and can provide you with everything you need for your charity, community or sporting club. By organizing a fun social night where people could play and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, you could raise more than what you expected in no time. Wherever you are located — may it be Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth — Poker Deluxe is there for you!

We go all out, so you can go ALL IN!

Bucks Party Ideas

Our bucks party and bucks venue packages are personally tailored to your event and feature professional poker and entertainment staff, quality equipment, beautiful ladies and many years of experience successfully hosting poker events around Australia.

If you don’t have the perfect venue, not a problem, we will take care of that for you as well. Your bucks night or poker night will be a roaring success and 100% stress-free.


Fundraising Events

A Poker Deluxe fundraiser event always draws in big crowds from the local community, while generating substantial fundraising profits.

Here at Poker Deluxe, we always GUARANTEE that your fundraising event will raise a minimum of $1000 PROFIT! Check out our poker fundraiser video below to see one in action.

If you are in MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneSurfers ParadiseAdelaide or Perth and want the best poker night that’s not going to break the bank, Poker Deluxe is the best bet you can make.

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Poker Deluxe is Australia’s leading provider of bucks partiesfundraising events and corporate poker nights.

With over 500 poker events hosted yearly in MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneGold CoastAdelaide & Perth, we specialise in unique bucks party ideasprofitable fundraiser events and entertaining corporate nights.

When it comes to hosting a poker event at your next bucks party, corporate function or fundraising event, we’ve got you covered. No matter where you live, we have an exciting solution tailered specifically to your needs.

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Bucks Party Ideas

We are the one-stop-shop to provide you everything you need for an awesome bucks party.  Poker, adult entertainment, venues with food & drink packages and more.

Fundraising Ideas

We guarantee over $1000 profit raised for your club!  There is over $2000 worth of prizes to be won.   It’s a great social night that will be talked about for months to come.

Teambuilding Ideas

A great teambuilding event for your next social night.   Professional with dealers on each table, learn to play tutorial for beginners, prizes for winners and fun to be had by all!

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