Australia’s End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching, and so are the hectic schedules and heavy tasks that it entails. This is the time when people go all out in working to get the business organised and plan how to be better and smarter in the year ahead. There are tasks involving A LOT of numbers such as dealing with taxes, bookkeeping, sales.

The Australian financial year, also known as the Australian tax year, runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June. When the financial year ends, business books are closed, and the company shall report your financial situation to the government. This will determine how much tax you owe.

What Happens During the End of the Financial Year?
The EOFY is widely known to be one of the busiest and most crucial periods for all businesses in the country. At this point, expect to have long days of completing bookkeeping and tax returns, performance analysis, strategic planning for the new financial year, reviewing the business structure and insurances, and backing up files for security.

With all that said, wouldn’t it be just the perfect time to have team building activities for everyone to have a good time before the chaotic period of the year?

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Two Goals of Team Building
Before you oppose and say that there’s no time for that, let us explain why it is important. For one, it is a good way to motivate and energise the employees before the peak business period. Second, it is also a way of rewarding the whole team for all the hard work they have done to contribute to the past financial year’s success.

Check out 10 epic team building activities you can organise for your company!

1. Poker

End the financial year with a sophisticated bang and a little gambling! So out of the many team building ideas, why choose poker as a way to build the team?

Here’s why:
– improves concentration
– helps with emotional maturity
– strengthens observation skills
– tests decision making under pressure
– teaches money management

Poker may be more of a one-man show than a team building activity, but playing together is a bond in itself. At the end of the day, the point was to have a friendly competition with one another all the while improving individual skill sets as mentioned above. These will help everyone with the upcoming tasks in the busy days ahead.

What makes this even better, Poker Deluxe offer corporate poker events to companies like you! We have different packages that cater to your needs to organise a hassle-free party or team building activity in the following locations MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneGold CoastAdelaide and Perth,

2. Gameshow

Set up a legit looking gameshow as a party theme. Arrange teams by table, and then start the team building games! This game show theme shall be an interactive live TV game show for everyone.

The variety of games will test the players’ time management, teamwork, strategy, task designations, and thinking. Most of all, they will all learn to have fun as well!

3. Outdoor Adventures/Sportsfest

This type of activity may be up to you, but several outdoor activities or sports could be done throughout the day so that everyone could experience each part of the activity.

Include sports such as Sailing, Bubble Soccer, Paintball, Swimming, Hiking, Volleyball, Camping etc.

Playing sports or going on outdoor adventures may be the best idea for team building. It’s about teamwork, strategy, survival, concentration, healthy competition, speed & accuracy, and good decision making under pressure. Surviving and winning is a bonus for sure, but what really matters is how everyone agreed to work together despite the differences and how each one in the team landed a role that contributed to the team’s success.

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4. Amazing Race

This is considered as one of the leading team building challenges since it covers almost all the skills that people have to use when working with a team. It works for so many types of groups because it tests everyone’s creative, mental and problem-solving tasks. On top of that, it will also test people’s patience in working with people with different personalities, effective communication, and speed & accuracy when getting things done. The Amazing Race is a varied but balanced activity full of fun and challenges.

5. Learning Workshops

On a more serious note, if you’re not up for a full on fun team building activity, learning workshops can be the perfect activity that meets halfway in the work & play scale.

Some workshop ideas would be Business minded workshops, presentation workshops, or even customer relationship workshops. This team building activity for work is a good opportunity to learn a new skill or improve an existing one!

6. Charity

In terms of CSR and connecting with the community, holding a charity event involving everyone is a fulfilling way to spend time off work with the whole team. Not only will this enhance interpersonal relationships with the people outside work, but it will also shine a light on what’s really important in life. Sometimes, we just have to be reminded of what we’re losing when we work too much — which is exactly what will happen in the busy days ahead.

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Team Building Benefits

Based on the two main goals of a team building discussed in the beginning of this article, take a look at the benefits of having a team building at a crucial time of a business period.

● Before things get intense, a team building activity or outing will bring out the good vibes, thus having a more positive attitude in dealing with the daily strategic meetings and the finalisation of the year’s finances.

● Team building is a great time to prepare their minds of what’s coming ahead mentally. It will allow the team to unwind and freshen up while having fun and working in unison with everyone else.

● While on the topic on clearing the mind, team building will help in opening up to new perspectives thus allowing ideas to enter the brain, providing a different approach for setting goals and strategising creative plans for the upcoming financial year.

● It’s simple, and it strengthens the team built around work and play. Every team building will work on team communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and creative planning. It will be fun witnessing everyone open their minds, release their creative juices and effectively communicate with each other.

● In some team building activities, it impacts the community as well. It is just as important to give time dedicated to work, play, and in giving back. It’s a different yet fulfilling way of taking a free day from work.

● Rewarding the team for all their hard work is important because it shows that you value them and you understand that they need this quick break.

Well, what do you think? Having just 1-2 days will do you more good than bad, so go for it and give us a call. Should you choose to have Poker Deluxe to celebrate EOFY with you, you’re on your way to having the greatest ending to this financial year!