There’s no denying that “team building” has quite a bad rap. When there’s an upcoming team building in the company, people would automatically think about the forced, awkward interactions with co-workers. Also, who could forget about the games? They’re disguised as fun but it isn’t really unless everyone really embraces the whole activity and just make the most out of it.

Despite its image of being lame, did you know that putting money aside for team building is actually one of the best investments ever made for your business?  A lot of companies view team building activities as something that adds to unnecessary expenses. However, let’s turn that misconception around today.

Before anything else, let’s check the status of your employees. Read each statement below and answer yes to the ones that describe your team well, and no if it doesn’t.

  1. The team communicates well with each other.
  2. The team focuses on goals and results.
  3. The members do their share and contributes to the workload.
  4. They team supports one another.
  5. The members are diverse and unique in their own way.
  6. The team has a good leader.
  7. The team is well-organized.
  8. The team knows how to have fun.
  9. The team complement each other’s skills.
  10. The team are in sync when it comes to achieving goals.

If you have answered yes to most or all the statements, then congratulations! You have a dream team on your side! Just continue to give importance to your employees by allowing them to have a work-life balance and have regular team building activities to look forward to.

On the other hand, if you have answered no to most or all of the statements, maybe you should consider organizing a team building event for your employees. Here are the major reasons why team building events are a good investment and why it should be a regular thing in your company.

  • Strengthens communication

Communication must be one of the strongest foundations in every relationship, especially in a business setting. This will help prevent unnecessary issues such as misunderstandings and conflicts — which delay or hinder everyone from reaching a goal. Aside from that, effective communication positively affects performance by exchanging thoughts and ideas, productive brainstorming, and many others. All this will lead to good work and achieving a goal.

  • Establish trust

Aside from effective strategic plans and sales to determine a company’s good performance, employees must be able to rely on each other to create a good working dynamic thus doing good work in accomplishing tasks. Trust plays a big role in teamwork and therefore should be one of the highlights in doing some team bonding activities.

  • Lessen conflicts

Once everyone had the chance to undergo the team building event, there is a lesser chance of having conflicts among employees as they have built trust and strengthened their communication with each other. Having confidence in the people you work with and being an effective communicator is key to having a good relationship with co-workers.

  • Enhance collaboration

Collaboration, or teamwork, is being able to work together with other people in a group towards achieving a goal. Sometimes, having more brains than one is so much better than working alone. This means it’s also better to have all hands on deck for a greater chance of succeeding. During the team building activities, collaboration among the members of the group should be tested and enhanced. People will be encouraged to share ideas, brainstorm how to execute their plan, and  work together to make it happen.

  • Engage employee-company culture

It is important to bring employees closer together while embracing the company culture as they grow.  What makes a team work is each individual’s commitment to be involved in the group effort in reaching a goal. In addition to that, highlighting employee engagement and company culture will make each person feel the acceptance and belongingness within the organization. This will make them feel comfortable working thus, accomplishing their tasks and doing a good performance.

The Absence of Team Building

So what happens when there is no opportunity for your employees to gather around and grow together? There is a higher risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding which may be a result of the lack of team dynamic and trust. Without regular team building activities or outings to look forward to, it will be obvious that the team has no motivation whatsoever in coming to work and in accomplishing their tasks. And instead of going the extra mile, people would just settle for “just right”. Poor teamwork will be evident when presentations aren’t at all substantial and convincing. All these will affect the company’s overall performance and might create a problem in the long run. Through team building, you will have a motivated and goal-driven team with a superb working dynamic and enhanced individual skills.

In order to reach big milestones on the way to success, a company must first strengthen the ones that will highly contribute to long-term rewards — the employees and their relationship with each other, the higher ups, and the company in general. That’s where team building comes in and that is why it’s such a great investment.

Team Building at Poker Deluxe

The most memorable kind of team building event is something that really doesn’t feel like a day in the office despite being around the people you only see at work. One of the best ideas for a team building event is to hold a poker night. The game may be played individually, but it is a game that makes you practice your social ability with other people on the table while enhancing multiple skills that are useful in many aspects of work. It promotes critical thinking, improves observation skills, teaches you to take risks and listen to your gut.

Should you want this type of team building event, you have come to the right place! Poker Deluxe will help you organize the best team bonding activity for you and your employees. Rest assured that you it will be an unforgettable day filled with fun and newly acquired or improved skills. Just tap us and let’s work together!