A night to celebrate a man’s last few days of freedom before tying the knot – that is a bachelor party. When planning a special night for a groom, the two staples of every bachelor party idea are girls and booze. This “no girlfriends allowed” night will surely be one for the memory. If you think about it, what do guys really do at a bucks party? What really goes down in a bachelor party full of guys and booze? Check out 7 things that really happen in bachelor party events!

What Happens At Bachelor Party Events

1) Surprisingly sex is nowhere to be found, and sometimes the groom goes missing too. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’ t actual sex in bachelor parties. It’s more about drinking than actually playing around with the girls. Although bachelor parties are almost always associated with sex, it only highlights the idea of sex, not the actual thing. It is said that all the single guys push the taken guys into doing something that would get them in trouble with their girlfriends.  Don’t give in to the temptations, boys!

Tip for girlfriends: Before letting the boyfriend go into the bachelor party, honestly tell him what makes you uncomfortable so that he knows what to avoid.

Because bachelor parties are more on getting the groom drunk it’s a good idea that someone is delegated the honorable task of keeping an eye on him, or else the rest of the men will face the wrath of the bride to be.

2) It’s a party to relive the good old days. A lot of bachelor parties are all about hanging out just like in high school or in college. Some parties will be just as wild as it was before, but some men like to keep it chill. As people get older, they tend to get tamer.

Many, if not all, of the groom’s friends, will gang up on him and mock him to the fullest. It’s just for fun of course because a little fun doesn’t hurt, right? Just beware of possible injuries, no one likes an injured groom or best man wearing a cast during the wedding!

3) Boys will be boys.
One minute everyone’s enjoying the night and then the next thing you know, two guys will suddenly just get into a fist fight for whatever reason. With guys, there will always be games or some kind of battle to show off their strength and to feed their ego. It can be through an arm-wrestling match, a friendly sparring, a hilarious belly flop contest, or a video game one on one. However, even if things get intense between two guys, it will all be okay at the end of the day. That’s just how it is with men.

In general, after the games or a bad conflict, bachelor parties won’t end up in cut off relationships. Bros will be bros no matter what, and there will undoubtedly be the manly hugs and apologies that is not always seen.

4) There’s one guy that everyone gets annoyed with. Yes, all the guys at the party get drunk or intoxicated. It’s all fun and games until that one guy takes it too far with all the jokes & teasing and ruins all the good vibes of the bachelor party weekend.

Whether it’s doing all kinds of crazy things out of drunkenness or going way overboard the teasing with girls, there’s always that one annoying guy who will get too loud and naughty for his own good.

5) The taken guys are surprisingly excellent & loyal boyfriends/husbands. It’s surprising how guys support each other in being behaved – not flirting around with other girls, not drinking too much, and updating there girlfriends on whatever is going on at the moment. Even though guys tease each other with girls and booze, they wouldn’t go too far to make you do something that might put your relationship at risk. #Respect

6) The morning after is a disaster. A bachelor party’s aftermath is so much worse than the parties back in high school and college. The bad hangover and a severe episode of vomiting are bound to happen.

For the parties that are spent at a hotel suite or in the groom’s house, they say that you could really cringe from the mess that is the place. The guys will be seen passed out on different areas of the room and smelling like cigarettes and alcohol. Yikes!

7) Sometimes, it’s about gambling and drinks. Another bachelor party idea is to spend the night at a casino like a poker night party. Gambling and drinks are also a great pair when it comes to men’s parties. It’s great for those guys who aren’t the wild kind, but still knows how to have fun differently.

No matter how things end up, spending a night with the guys will always be a time to remember. There’s also no better way to spend the last few days of your singleness and freedom than with the people who have been with you from the start. Friendships are precious relationships to treasure, and the best way to do that is through a banging bucks party that involves living the time of your lives before starting a new one – the marriage life – with their special person.