Hosting a party generally means you’re in charge of everything — food, drinks, venue, invites, and games — to make sure that the guests are comfortable and thrilled. Every detail and aspect of a specific social gathering contributes to making it a memorable event for every guest. This is why it is highly important that everything should be on point.

Remember, a buck’s party is a celebration of a man’s last hurrah of bachelorhood. It acts as a rite of passage from a savage single life to a more stable and meaningful married life. Before he gets hitched and marries the love of his life, let the groom have the time of his life with his best bros in a banging buck’s party of all time! It only makes sense to fill the night with unlimited booze, sexy booze and a series of fun drinking games.

Photo: Maurício Mascaro via Pexels

After planning the theme and venue of this notorious celebration, will it really be a bucks party without games? As you may know, bucks parties are usually filled with guys from both the bride and the groom’s side, so it’s most likely that some guys have never even met before. You can definitely rely on fun and cheeky bucks night party games to break the ice and bring out the joy in everyone!

With that said, check out this list of Poker Deluxe-approved bucks party games that are guaranteed to be the best guy pleasers (if you know what we mean).

1.Most Likely

This is a nice first game to play to break the ice and ease into the wilder games to follow. Gather together, with drinks within reach. One person will state a “most likely” question. For example, “Who would most likely get wasted tonight?”

Photo: Maurício Mascaro via Pexels

On the count of three, people should point to someone they think would most likely do what the person said. Take a shot for every person who pointed at you. If three people pointed at you to most likely get wasted, you have to take three shots.

2. Scavenger Hunt

This is a perfect game that becomes more challenging during the latter half of the party when the guys get tipsier. Make a list of the things each bachelor should do as you go bar hopping or as the party progresses. The person who ends up doing all or even just most of the of the items on the list wins.

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Coming up with the items on the list is the challenging part. Release those creative juices and put it down on paper! Check out some examples we made for your reference!

– Get a girl to write her number anywhere on the groom’s body
– Find a bar that serves the shot “Blowjob” and take a shot
– Give a stranger a lap dance and have someone take a video of it for proof
– Look for someone who needs a free hug and give them one
– Acquire a free drink for the groom
– Get a girl to agree to do a body shot on you or the groom and vice versa

3. Drunk Jenga

This popular childhood game will get its spotlight in a buck’s party, and of course, with a twist. Basically, you play Jenga how it’s supposed to be played: take turns in getting a wood block out and stacking it again on top. If the tower falls, the last person who pulled out a block out loses.

Photo: Zaimful via Pixabay

Here is where the interesting part comes in, get a large glass. Everyone in the game pours his own shot of preferred drink — it’s either beer, vodka, whiskey, wine, etc. Let the girls join in too and have even more fun! The loser chugs whatever was mixed into the large glass before the game began. Good luck!

4. Buck’s Bingo

Similar to the Scavenger Hunt game, the Buck’s Bingo is also a good alternative. The difference is that you play it like a normal Bingo game. But instead of playing with numbers on the card, you will see tasks that you should accomplish. Winners are either the first ones who can complete a horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line or a blackout (completed all squares) — depending on the game master. You can find some of these ready-made online, or you could get creative again and make your own tasks!

5. Beer Pong

Photo: Burst via Pexels

Unleash the competitive side of the guys and play beer pong! Make each player/teams use different strategies to win like letting the girls dance around for distraction or having a unique system as a team. Every ball that is shot in the cup, the team will either chug, strip, or do a dare. Don’t forget to bring your A-game to this buck’s party or you’re going to lose!

6. Medusa

Photo: OpenClipart-Vectors via Pixabay

Gather around a table full of shot glasses filled with your preferred alcoholic beverage. Start the game with all the players’ head down on the table. On the count of three, everyone should look up to stare at another player. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re safe. If you happen to look at another player’s eyes, shout “Medusa!” and take a shot.

7. Cup Swap

For this game, assign someone to a timer and you will need two cups and a spoon. One cup should be full of your preferred drink, while the other one is empty. For each turn, the player must transfer as much drink as they can from the filled cup to the empty cup using the spoon, in a minute or less. When the time is up, the player must drink whatever is left in the original (filled) cup.

Photo: Sigrid Abalos via Pexels

To add a bit of a challenge, let one or a few sexy waitresses distract him by doing their own thing. Let’s see if the girls can break his concentration!

8. Underwear Twister

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Spice up the competition of a classic game and bring in the girls to play along. Let the sexy strippers and waitresses play a fun game of Twister in their underwear. Just picture out the girls with skimpy outfits reaching out for the colours to touch, stretching their arms and legs in different directions. Definitely a viewing pleasure, yeah? If everyone’s up for it, the guys can join in too. It’s your night, guys!

9. Attached at the Hip

Start this game by letting each guy pair up with a stripper/sexy waitress. Next, write a body part on a piece of paper and pile them up in the middle of the table. Each pair will pick a piece of paper, and they should stay attached to their partner with that specific body part for as long as they can. (Example: hand to hand or forehead to forehead) Every time they separate, take a shot.

Make the game interesting by having everyone do a challenge while being attached to the one another! You can do a statue dance, a “pin the dick on the groom” or a traditional truth or dare.

10. “How Well Do You Know Me?”

If you’re someone who watches some vloggers, then you probably know that this is a popular challenge that they do. So basically, you test the buck on how well he knows the love of his life. Before the day of the buck’s party, have the bride-to-be list a series of questions in Easy, Medium and Difficult categories.

Photo: TeroVesalainen via Pixabay

Here are sample questions for your reference:
– What is her favourite breakfast meal?
– What is her bra size?
– What is her dream travel destination?
– What is her nickname for your balls?
– What is her go-to TV show?

If he fails to answer a question within 5 seconds, he is in for a punishment that you and the guys think of. Get creative with your punishments, but also keep in mind NOT to torture the groom-to-be or else you all might get punishment from the bride. Yikes!

After taking a look at all these bucks party games challenges, do you think you’ve got what it takes to win?

Here at Poker Deluxe, we just want everyone to have a good time. If that means holding your bucks party in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane / Gold Coast, Perth, or Adelaide — then that’s what we’ll do and more! The groom will surely label his buck’s party celebration as one for the books. With that, you will receive a glorious pat on the back for being the best “Best Man” ever for organising such a wild and memorable party.