Poker Nights Gold Coast / Brisbane

If you use Poker Deluxe, you won’t need to be a high roller or even any kind of card shark if you want to host a poker night of your own. Poker is easily Australia’s fastest growing game, and that’s really easy to understand. The game is social, fun, and quite simple to learn, yet it can quickly turn competitive for anyone who wants to take it more seriously. In a poker game, you’re never playing against the ‘house’, but only the other players around your table. In this instance, you’re playing against your friends! Any of the poker party packages that we provide can make for a fun evening, whether you’re just getting some friends together or celebrating anything from an anniversary or birthday to someone’s retirement.

Let Poker Deluxe customise the package you need. We’ve hosted poker nights before for groups as small as six to as large as a hundred, so no matter what scale your celebration or occasion, we can help you come up with a wonderful evening of competitive fun that leaves your friends, family, and guests smiling for a long time.

Poker Deluxe offers three basic packages, each of which can be fully customised, so that you can have a perfect night of poker and fun. We can help you out if you just need some chips and a dealer, or we can make everything happen if you want to treat your party to the full experience, ranging from chips, cards, and casino tables to a dedicated poker host, tournament software, and even a custom trophy to hand to the winner.

We can also host your event anyplace that you choose and bring everything needed for the event, meaning all you have to do is show up.

So, if you’re trying to put together a special occasion and want to treat your guests to a memorable experience, or if you’d rather just have some good fun with friends, contact one of our team members to see how Poker Deluxe can help you create a fun poker party for you.


Fun Social Night
Gold package
  • Professional Dealer
  • Quality Chips and Cards
  • Played on your table


Great Team Building Night
Teambuilding ideas deluxe-poker-night
  • Professional Host
  • Quality Equipment
  • Up to 40 Guests


Spoil Everyone
  • Professional Dealers
  • Quality Equipment
  • Prizes Provided