It’s nearing the end of another financial year and many companies are looking for new ideas for an end of financial year party.

It’s no secret to successful managers that end of financial year parties facilitate team building and improve staff morale, as well as make staff feel more at home and loyal to the company. For those reasons and more, an end of financial year party is something you shouldn’t skip.

That said, after a few years of doing the same things they can also begin to feel a bit stale and repetitive.

Some of the usual ideas are:

Dinner and a few drinks at a local pub or restaurant. These can be fun and can get a little wild.

Attending or playing in a sporting event like bowling, mini golf, cricket, rugby or football.

Adventure sports like hiking, rafting, and rock climbing.

These are all fun a few times, and each option has its pros and cons.

But if you are looking for something fun and unique try holding an all-inclusive poker night.

Since the aim of an end of year party is to bond and celebrate, a poker night is ideal and achieves both objectives. It creates a spirit of friendly competition and is something which includes everyone in one tournament.

Poker Deluxe offers a corporate poker night to fit the bill. The best part is absolutely everything is taken care of, leaving you and your team to sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening.

The Poker Deluxe corporate package includes professional dealers who offer a learn-to-play table prior to start. Quality equipment including tables, chips, cards and all the necessary gear, tournament software on laptop or big screen to keep track of the timer, trophies and prizes for winners and runners-up, and 3 hours of non-stop entertainment. They can bring it all to your workplace or even assist with a venue.

If doing something a little different that will create memories for staff to talk about until this time next year sounds like your idea of a good end of year party, and you think your team would benefit from a little friendly competition, then check out the Poker Deluxe Corporate events here and speak to one of their friendly team.