So your best mate and partner in crime for the last 20yrs has decided to crossover and start a married life of bliss, yeah right! Well whether you do or don’t like his lady of choice, this is not the question, as you’ve been bestowed the honour of being his best man and therefore the epic task of organising and finding bucks party ideas for the best bucks party. Now, if you’ve never tried to get a bunch of useless blokes together for a boys trip or something of that nature, then you’ll know it’s about as easy as winning triple jump at the Olympics without any feet. check out this great bucks party idea from Norway.

Like any best man, you want an awesome but unique bucks party idea for your boy’s last hoorah, while keeping everyone happy, and don’t be surprised if this means the future wife or father-in-law, on the night. So if you want an epic bucks party idea and subsequent adventure that’s jam packed full of good laughs and whatever else you want it to be, then don’t ask the wife for help; simply have a read below.

With these helpful bucks party tips and hints, we’ll have you prepared for pulling together a great day and looking after everyone who attends, even that one slightly weird friend in the group who’s really a nice guy but not who you want dating your daughter.

1. Pick A Time And Place

Sounds simple but easily forgotten or left too late. Not everyone has a job or family commitment that gives them the flexibility to take off for a bucks party weekend, so determine the wedding date and work backwards. The more time you give guys to arrange time-off, then the more blokes you’ll have on the day. Plus, it gives people a bit of extra time to save up some spending cash for big bash.

It might even be a good idea to leave a few weeks between the wedding and the bucks. This means the groom has time to re-grow any missing eyebrows or teeth replaced from the mayhem in time for the big day. Another added bonus is that the groom can sneak in another more low key get together with the boys on the week/weekend before the wedding.

It’s important to speak with the Groom and pin down a list of 2-3 dates that works for the Bucks party. Also make a list of names and email addresses for the Bucks guest-list. And finally get an idea of the style of bucks party he wants, for example: a raunchy poker cruise with girls like something out of a Las Vegas strip club or perhaps a little more tasteful like a gentlemen’s game of cards with cigars and beer.

IMPORTANT – It’s never too early to start planning the buck’s party and to gather as many bucks party ideas as possible. This means you won’t have problems booking the best venues, as well as having the biggest selection of topless waitresses, poker dealers and showgirls to entertain the lads at the buck’s party.

2. Contact All The Other Groomsmen

Don’t be a hero and try to organise it all alone! Speak to the groomsman and use them to assist you in getting the initial bucks party ideas organised. As soon as you know what kind of day the groom wants for his bucks party celebration, start making enquiries to help you get all the info needed, including bucks party venues, bucks adult entertainment, transport, accommodation and any other special requests. It will also help you to establish a rough budget per person.
Alternatively, you always contact a bucks party organiser (like the staff at Poker Deluxe) and have them take care of absolutely everything you need for the day, including bucks ideas and activities like poker, indoor golf, bucks cruises and most importantly your Bucks Party Strippers

Then you can leave it all to someone else while you bask in the glory for having done a great job!

3. Make A List Of Who’s Coming

Get everyone’s email, mobile or even connect via social media. Then create an event feature on Facebook, this is a great tool for getting the whole group on the same page and suggesting any bucks party ideas to make the day that bit more special. With all the guys invited and maybe a quick poll to see which of a few dates work best for everyone, you can really start locking in activities, further bucks party ideas and girls for the boy’s night out.

Be sure to make a deadline for RSVP’s, so you can keep the ball rolling, but most importantly it will let you work out a budget for the bucks party. The difference between 10 to 20 guys can mean a big difference in what the group can afford. Its also a great idea to double check with the buck if there are any other guys he might want to invite that he had first forgotten or to fill up spots left by guys who can’t attend.

4. Book A Bucks Poker Package & Get Deposits Off The Guys

Decide on the ultimate bucks poker party package and try to be accurate with the guest numbers, but you can always add any late additions closer to the date. Most bucks party planners do require a deposit to secure a venue, staff and any specific ladies you want to book for your event, so it’s never too early to start asking the guys to at least throw $50 into the kitty. By asking for it in instalments, you’ll get a much better response as guys don’t have to fork over the cash in one hit and will get you a better commitment to attend. This avoids the last minute chasing around for confirmations and cash. The best part about a Poker Deluxe bucks party is you can pay the remaining balance on the night itself, so you can still collect from the non-payers even when then rock up to party.

5. Remind The Guys Again & Again & Again

2-weeks before the Bucks send out a reminder to your email guest-list or event page with details of the celebration, include meeting points, starting times, key contact, , any clothing requirements or drinking penalties etc.

And basically all that you have to do is pick any girls you want to entertain the lad’s and to show up on the day to send your best mate off in style!